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Customer Database common questions
Customer Database common questions

Frequently asked questions around adding, managing and removing customers from your database.

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Common questions around adding, updating, managing, and removing customers from your Marsello database.


Customer Profile

Q. Can I edit a customer's name or email in their Marsello account?

A. It is recommended to edit your customer's name or email directly in your connected integration and allow this update to sync across to Marsello..

📝 Note: There may be a delay of up to 15 minutes for the sync to complete. If the sync is taking longer, please confirm the integration you have made the update in is enabled in Marsello. If it is and the sync doesn't come across, please contact our support team.

Q. Can I use my customers' credit card details as the unique identifier?

A. No, Marsello uses the customer's email address as their unique identifier.

Q. Is there a way in-app to see how a new customer was added into Marsello (eCommerce or POS)?

A. Although there is no way to see how a new customer was added to Marsello under the customer's profile, you can see it under the multi-site reporting insights.

Q. My customer data seems different from what I expected. For example:

  • Customers have many orders but in Marsello they are listed as 'no orders yet'

  • Customers are members but only some customers have accounts with the retailer's website

  • And, not all customers have subscribed to email marketing.

A. Orders will only show in Marsello from when the integration is connected. It won't pull in historic orders.
Any customer that shows in the POS/e-comm will be synced across to Marsello and we pull the marketing status from the integration directly. This means that even if they don't have an "account" if they are in Shopify (for example) they will show in Marsello.

Q. What does undefined mean as a customer status on a customer export?

A. It means that the customer information was never filled in or had an empty status.

Q. Is there a way for customers who were removed/unsubscribed from Marsello to be auto-added back into the loyalty program?

A. Customers who were previously removed/unsubscribed from Marsello will not automatically be added back into the program upon their next shop. If a customer wishes to be readded back into the program, merchants will need to manually add them back in. This support guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to manually re-add customers.

Q. I'm a Shopify merchant and have removed my customers from my Shopify database. My customer has now come back in-store and created a new Shopify account using the same email as the one on the account previously deleted. How does this impact the customer's Marsello account?

A. If I a customer was removed from the Shopify integration, this will remove them from Marsello. If that same customer creates a brand new Shopify account using the same email, this will sync through to Marsello. However, it will be treated as a new account and will not bring over historical information. The customer will start earning from 0 points again.

Q. I am a Shopify store and wish to import my customer list first into Marsello and then Shopify later on. If I do this and collect more details later on like birthday, will this sync across to Marsello?

A. As soon as customers exist in Marsello they will exist in Shopify. Once imported into Marsello, customers will still need to make an account (and password). You will not have to worry about duplicate accounts as long as the customers use the same email address for their accounts in both Shopify and Marsello.

Q. Is the "complete profile" points earn option currently the only way gender can be captured?

A. Yes, "complete profile" would be the best way. There isn’t necessarily a way to record this at POS as a lot of the POS systems don’t have the gender listed under the customer profile fields.

Q. I am currently moving my customers across from my old website to a new one which is on Shopify. I want to encourage them to create an account on the Shopify site. I have a listing of my old customers through Mailchimp want to only reward those customers from this list who create a new account - not direct signups. How can I go about doing that?

A. The easiest way to do this would be to award points to all the historic customers on your MailChimp list allowing them to unlock a reward. Then you can see in Shopify which customers need to create an account to place an order and will be able to track who has created an account when placing the order.

Q. If a customer belongs to the blacklisted customer segment and logs into my website, will the customer be able to see the loyalty and appear to be able to earn points like other customers?

A. The loyalty widget is visible on the website regardless if the customer has been blacklisted or not. However, if a customer has been blacklisted from loyalty, they will not be able to log onto the widget and complete earning actions per normal. The customer will see a generic version of the widget.

Q. Can I save more than one mobile number to my customers' account?

A. Marsello saves only the primary mobile number saved for the customer in their Marsello account.

Q. If I blacklist customers from loyalty, will this also exclude them from receiving marketing?

A. No, customer blacklisting is loyalty specific only. If a customer is blacklisted and accepts marketing, they will receive campaigns and automated email flows. If a retailer is looking to exclude specific customer groups from certain campaigns or custom automations, they will need to create a custom segment to do this.

Q. Is it possible to have duplicate customers in my Marsello database?

A. Marsello uses the customer's email address as their unique identifier. If the same customer signs up using different emails, this customer would have multiple accounts.

Q. If a customer signs up via the widget, will their previous orders be captured within the system?

A. We import all customers, so as long as the customer enters their email, we will be able to link their previous orders to their loyalty account. Please note that for historical orders, the total amount and number of orders placed will sync across to Marsello.

Q. Is there a way for me to import my customers' birthdays from my old loyalty program?

A. Currently, there isn't a feature in Marsello to import your customers' birthdays from your former loyalty program. However, customers can earn points for adding their birthday to their loyalty profile via the loyalty earn options in their account. Alternatively, if your integration permits, you could look to import the customers birthday there and this will sync across to Marsello.

If you would like to see a feature to import customer birthdays, please reach out to our support team and let them know of your interest.

Q. I have multiple sites connected to Marsello. Is there a way to see which site my customers have signed up for loyalty?

A. Currently, there isn't a feature that will allow you to see the specific location where customers signed up for loyalty. If this is a feature you are interested in, please reach out to our support team and let them know of your interest.

Q. If I bulk remove my inactive customers via the app and one of those customers tries to sign up via my signup form, will they be re-added automatically into my Marsello program?

A. No, customers who have been removed via a bulk unsubscribe will not automatically get re-added to your loyalty program if they sign up again using the same email address via a signup form. You will need to manually add the customer back into your loyalty program.

Q. If I were to import a new customer list into my Marsello database, can I expect the customers to sync across to my connected integration?

A. Currently, when a customer list is imported, the customers are not synced across to the connected integration. When importing a new customer list, it is recommended to import them directly into your integration. Once imported, these customers will sync across to Marsello.

Q. I've noticed my customer's name is spelled incorrectly in Marsello. How do I update this?

A. The best way to update your customer's name is by updating the spelling directly in your integration and allowing this to sync across. Please note there may be a delay for the sync to come across. If this takes longer than 15 minutes, please let our support team know and they will be able to look into this for you.

Q. I've trying to run an export of my customers, however, the email hasn't come through.

A. If you have run an export of your customer database or an export of a customer segment and haven't received it, please check your spam/junk folder to confirm it hasn't landed there. If the export hasn't landed there, please contact our support team and let them know. In your email to support, please include some details of what you are trying to export so that the team can replicate the export for you.

Customer's Accepts marketing status

Q. If a customer unsubscribes from marketing will they receive the loyalty notifications?

A. Yes, customers will continue to receive loyalty notifications as these messages are considered to be transactional. Should a customer no longer wish to receive loyalty notifications, they will need to select "unsubscribe from loyalty program emails" from the unsubscribe link in the email.

Q. If I remove a customer from my Marsello database in the app, will this unsubscribe them from marketing and loyalty emails or just marketing emails?

A. If a customer is unsubscribed from the Marsello database, this removes the customer from the program entirely. This customer will not be eligible for loyalty or emails. If the customer has reached out asking to unsubscribe from particular emails, it is recommended to unsubscribe from selected marketing and do this from within the customer's profile in the dashboard.

Q. When uploading a customer list from MailChimp, are we able to import all customers or are we required to upload only those who "opt-in" to marketing?

A. As the Marsello importer updates the marketing status to all imported customers to Accepts Marketing, only those customers who have opted in for marketing should be imported.

Q. I'm based in the U.K. Is it possible to override GDPR restrictions for EU-based merchants as the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) states you can email existing customers who do not accept marketing provided you give them a clear opt-out in every message?

A. No, Marsello will not override GDPR restrictions as these restrictions are customer-orientated and not business-orientated.

Q. What does the green check mark next to some of my customers mean on my customer list?

A. The green check mark next to a customer's contact details indicates that the customer accepts marketing messages from your store.

Merging Customer Profiles

Merging Customers on Lightspeed X-Series

Q. If I use the merge customers feature on Lightspeed X-Series how does this impact the customer's loyalty balance in Marsello?

A. If two customer accounts are merged in Lightspeed X-Series, this information does not sync across to Marsello. Merchants will need to move any points across from the merged account into the main account. Once the points adjustment is made, merchants will need to remove the old account from Marsello.

Bulk Removal of Customers

Q. Is there a way to bulk remove customers who have consistently bounced emails?

A. There isn't a feature in the app to automatically remove those customers whose emails consistently bounce when sending campaigns/automations. However, you can run this manually per campaign. To begin the process:

  • go to Marketing > Campaign > Email and select reporting from the actions drop-down menu next to the email campaign you will be removing the bounced customers from.

  • from the reporting page, click on the bounced link and then select the export icon (cloud with a downward-facing arrow icon) in the lower right-hand corner of the app

  • this will export your bounced customers list into a .csv

  • copy the emails you will be removing from this list

  • go back into your Marsello app admin and go to, go to Customers > All Customers

  • from the Update Customer List drop-down menu select bulk remove customers by email

  • in the pop-up paste the customers' email addresses you have just copied and click Remove Customers.

  • double-check the email addresses that you've entered and then click Remove customers

  • click Yes, remove customers to confirm that you want to remove the group of customers.

Q. I have run a bulk unsubscribe in my customer database. What happens if one of those customers sign up after the fact via my new popup form? Will that resubscribe them? Will this reactivate the customer's profile in Marsello?

A. If the customer is removed via the bulk remove options or as an individual on the customer's account page and signs up again via the popup form, they will not be automatically re-added to your customer database. You will need to go into that customer’s profile and re-add them.

Customer Imports

Q. Can I see which customers did not import as expected?

A. Yes, when running an import, you will be prompted to confirm the email address and import completion report should be sent to. This report will show which customers have successfully imported and which have not.

Q. Do you need both the customer's first name and email when running a customer import?

A. Yes, both fields are required to import a new customer. However, if you are running a points import for existing customers, you can get by on the customer's export ID or email as the email is what Marsello uses as the unique identifier. It is recommended to use email where possible. If customers exist twice or are duplicated somehow in the POS, Marsello will not automatically merge these accounts.

Q. Is there any way to bulk import customer birthdays into Marsello?

A. Currently, there isn't a way to bulk import customer birthdays into Marsello. However, if this is a feature you're interested in, please reach out to our support team and let them know of your interest 😊

Q. I have bulk imported a customer list however, this list initially included a placeholder "there" and not the customers' first name. I now have the customer names. If I reimport this list will it update the customers' names on their accounts?

A. If the email address already exists in Marsello, the system won't update the customers' first names. It is recommended to update the customers' names in the integration and allow this to sync across to Marsello.

Q. Can notes be imported to the customer profile in Marsello?

A. Currently, it isn't possible to import notes about the customers. However, if this is a feature you're interested in, please reach out to our support team and let them know of your interest 😊

Q. Is it possible to import my customer's children's date of birth to their Marsello customer profile?

A. Currently, it isn't possible to import notes about the customers. However, if this is a feature you're interested in, please reach out to our support team and let them know of your interest 😊

As a potential workaround in the meantime, you can use custom tags containing the month the child was born and send out an email campaign at the start of every month to celebrate/remind the person to shop for birthday presents.

Q. Does the points importer automatically send emails to customers when their points balances are replaced?

A. Customers will not receive points notification automation upon points being imported.

Q. Is there a way customers can re-add themselves after they've been removed?

A. Customers must reach out to their retailer and ask to be added back into the Marsello program. The retailer can manually add the customer m back into their Marsello program by searching for the customer by name or email in the customer section and selecting "included removed". When the customer's name comes up, the retailer can open the link and select the re-add option via the popup form.

Q. If a merchant manually adjusts a customer's points how is this reported? Is it included in the points redemption %?

A. No, manual adjustments are excluded from those reporting metrics. If a large number of points are awarded through manual adjustment and then spent by customers, that could impact this metric though - spending the points will still be included. Likewise for adjusting down, if enough points are removed through manual adjustment then those points can never be spent and that will affect the metric indirectly also.

Integration-specific Customer Questions


Q. What happens if I remove inactive customers from my Shopify store and a few months later the customers come back and create a new Shopify account using the same email address?

A. Marsello uses the customer's email address as the unique identiier. If the customer creates a new account in Shopify using the same email after being deleted from the Shopify integration, they will start earning points again from 0.

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