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Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series integration common questions
Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series integration common questions
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Find answers to frequently asked questions about how customer engagement with your online store's loyalty program, data syncing, and other common questions related to Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series.


Q: Can I connect multiple Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series accounts to one Marsello account?

A: Yes, you can connect multiple Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series accounts to one Marsello account.

Q: Is there a historical sync for customers and orders through the integration?

A. No, the Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series API doesn't currently support historical sync. We suggest exporting your Lightspeed K-Series customer database and then following these steps to import customers into your Marsello account.

Q: How long does it typically take for data, such as an order, to sync from Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series to Marsello?

A: After establishing the connection, moving forward, every completed order from Lightspeed K-Series will seamlessly sync to Marsello. This sync is designed to be as close to real-time as possible, with a maximum delay of approximately 15 minutes. This ensures that the information, including customers, orders and products are promptly available in your Marsello account for effective management and analysis.

Q: Does Marsello integrate with the Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series built-in order ahead features?

A. Currently, Marsello is not integrated with the K-Series built-in order ahead functionality. However, if this is a feature you're interested in, please reach out to our support team and let them know of your interest 😊

Q: If my eCommerce orders sync into my POS account, will this award double points for the same order?

A: No, we have implemented checks to prevent double point rewards for the same order. For instance, if an order is made on your eCommerce platform*, the customer will earn points for their online order. If this eCommerce order is synced into your POS account, they will not earn additional points and vice versa. This ensures that customers receive points only once for their order, maintaining fairness in the loyalty program.
​*Only available with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce & Ecwid eCommerce platforms connected to Marsello.

Loyalty Settings

Q: What reward types are available for Lightspeed K-Series?

A: Currently, the discount creation process requires you to create the discount within LSK and then paste the code into your Marsello reward settings. The discount types currently accessible in LSK include:
These include:

βœ… $ off storewide
βœ… % off storewide
βœ… VIP assigned rewards and discounts
Currently, product, collection or spend-specific rewards aren't available with K-Series. We are eagerly awaiting a discount API to streamline this process and we'll keep you updated on any changes.

Q: Is there a loyalty program link (URL) that I can share with my customers?

A: Yes, you can use your in-store portal link which you can find here. This link will automatically open the loyalty widget, allowing customers to access and engage with your loyalty program. You can use this link in various ways such as adding it to navigation menu items, using it in CTAs on your website, including it in emails, or sharing it on social media platforms. By using this link, you can conveniently direct customers to your loyalty program and encourage their participation.

Q: Can you exclude customers from the loyalty program automatically with Lightspeed K-Series?

A: No, it is not possible to blacklist customers as there is no customer sync available in K-Series yet. We are eagerly awaiting a customer's API endpoint to streamline this process and we'll keep you updated on any changes.


Q: Which fields from the Lightspeed customer profile will sync with Marsello?

A: The fields that will sync from the Lightspeed K-Series customer profile to Marsello are the customer's first name, last name, email, mobile number, marketing opt-in and address. It's important to note that customer data will only sync to Marsello if it's associated with an order.

Q: What does Marsello use as the unique identifier for the customer?

A: Marsello uses the customer's email address as the unique identifier.

Q: Does Marsello sync marketing opt-in status from Lightspeed K-Series?

A: Yes, when an order is completed, Marsello will also receive the customer's information including first name, last name, email, mobile number, address and marketing opt-in.

Q: If a reward/email discount is added to a sale and then removed, does the customer still have access to that reward?

A: If a customer removes a reward or email discount from their sale, they will still have access to the discount code for future use. The customer can view their discount code in their loyalty profile. Please note that removing the discount code will not result in a refund of points.

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