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Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) POS common questions
Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) POS common questions
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Find answers to frequently asked questions about customer engagement with your online store's loyalty program, data syncing, and other common questions related to Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) POS.

Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) POS - Marsello Integration

Q. Will my Lightspeed X-Series custom fields sync across to Marsello?

A. Currently, the custom field in Lightspeed X-Series does not sync across to Marsello. If this is a feature that will benefit your store, please contact our support team and let them know of your interest.

Q. I've forgotten my password for Marsello. How can I reset it?

A. Yes, you can reset your password. You will need to go to your settings page and enter the email address that needs a reset password.

Q. Our brand has several corporate and franchise locations. If our corporate locations are all on one Lightspeed account and each franchise is on separate accounts, is there a way for customers to be able to use their rewards across all sites?

A. This would be possible as long as each location is added via the Marsello integration page. Please note that any user that has access to the brand's Marsello account will be able to view data for all connected Lightspeed accounts. r all connected LS accounts.

Q. I have multiple Lightspeed X-Series outlets for my store. However, only one of those outlets is showing as toggled on in Marsello. What should I expect with this setup?

A. Marsello will sync all customers from Lightspeed X-Series. However, only those customers who purchase from a site that is enabled in Marsello will be able to earn points and redeem rewards at that site. If an existing customer purchases from a disabled site, the order will show on their profile but with no order details and no points.

Q. Is it possible to sync customer databases from different POS sites?

A. Currently, it isn't possible to sync between different Lightspeed accounts. Customers are visible between sites, but not accounts.

Q. If the merchant has multiple outlet stores in the Lightspeed system, will this count as one site in Marsello?

A. Each outlet (store location or popup) is viewed as a site in Marsello. However, you do have the flexibility to toggle these individual sites on and off. Please note that customers will not be able to earn points or redeem rewards at disabled sites.

Q. Do you sync with Lightspeed Duo?

A. Currently, Marsello does not integrate or sync with Lightspeed Duo. This feature was discontinued in January 2023.

Q. Does the Marsello Chrome Extension work on Microsoft Edge or is it only limited to Google Chrome?

A. The Marsello Chrome Extension is intended to work on Google Chrome only. Please note that this extension is limited to legacy users only. If you are a merchant who has recently signed up and is billed by the Lightspeed API, you will have access to POS Prompts which will open on any browser.

Q. Can I use a third party to sync my Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) orders to my eCommerce integration?

A. If your business uses a third party to sync your Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) orders to your eCommerce integration, Marsello will not be held liable for duplicate orders as we have no control over the sync. Please ensure you thoroughly test the sync between integrations if using a third party.

Q. If I were to update my account to a new domain URL, will I need to disconnect/reconnect my Lightspeed account on Marsello's integration page?

A. No, once you update your domain you won't need to do anything as the API will pull the new domain across.

Q. I won't require the use of one of my store sites as this location is seasonal. What is the best way to pause this site?

A. If a store location is part of a seasonal business or works as a popup location, you can simply switch that site to off from your app admin under the Integrations tabfor the time you won't be using it. Disabled sites will not incur a site charge when they are disabled. Please note that customers will not earn points for any order from this location as well. When you are ready to pick up with this site, simply toggle the on/off button for this location to on in your Marsello app admin to re-enable.

Q. Is it possible to print a customer's loyalty points balance on their receipt?

A. Currently there isn't a feature that will print a customer's loyalty points balance on their receipt. If this is a feature you'd like to see, please reach out to our support team and let them know of your interest.


Q: If a customer is deleted in the Lightspeed Retail X-Series admin, will they also be deleted from Marsello?

A: Yes, if a customer is deleted in the Lightspeed Retail X-Series admin, they will be automatically removed from your Marsello account as well.

Q. I have two customers in my Lightspeed X-Series database. The newer account was created as the customer wanted a new email address. I have then edited all the past sales from the original account and attributed these to the new account. Can I merge these accounts in Marsello? If I can, how will points be awarded?

A. Please contact the Marsello support team and ask them to reprocess the orders for this customer to ensure points and attributions are attached to the new customer account.

Q. In the Lightspeed X-Series export, I've noticed there are two columns for customer numbers - phone and mobile. Which field does Marsello read for SMS marketing?

A. Marsello looks at the mobile field for SMS marketing.

Q. I have segmented my customers within the Lightspeed X-Series. Will these segments sync across to Marsello?

A. Currently, segments don't sync across to Marsello. If this is a feature that you are interested in seeing, please reach out to our support team and let them know of your interest.

You can, however, export these segments from Lightspeed X-series and run a custom tag import into Marsello. From here you can create a custom segment in Marsello using the conditions "custom tag""is""__".

Q. Does Marsello offer a one-time password that can be sent to the customer at the point of purchase to verify this is the actual customer and not a customer using a friend's phone number?

A. Currently, there isn't a feature available to send a one-time password at the point of purchase. However, if this is a feature you are interested in seeing, please reach out to our support team and let them know of your interest.

Q. Does removing a customer from Marsello delete the customer in Lightspeed?

A. No, integrations are the source of truth. Removing a customer in Marsello will not override what is in the integration.


Q. If I disable one of my sites and later one re-enable it, will my customers earn points for the orders placed during the time the site was disabled?

A. No, loyalty points are only awarded to customers for orders placed when a site is enabled.

Q. My customer has just made a purchase but hasn't yet received their loyalty points for their order. Why is that?

A. Please check your integrations page and confirm your Lightspeed X-Series site is enabled in Marsello. Customers will not earn points for any purchases made at disabled sites.

If your site is enabled, please confirm the order's status. By default, customers will earn loyalty points if their order's payment status is: Closed, LaybyClosed, or OnAccountClosed.

Q. What happens in the scenario where a customer creates an account online but does not place an order online? The customer then comes in-store, places an order, and creates an account while in-store using the same email address. Will this cause duplicate accounts in Marsello?

A. As long as the customer uses the same email address when signing up in both locations, Marsello will merge the accounts in the database leaving the customer with one Marsello account. This is because Marsello uses the customer's email address as the unique identifier.

Q. Under the Lightspeed X-Series returns settings, can we cancel points on voided orders? Is there a partially voided option like we have with Shopify?

A. Currently, there isn't an option to cancel points on partially voided orders. Points may only be canceled on Voided orders. If this is a feature that will benefit your store, please reach out to our support team and let them know of your interest in this feature.

Q. What happens when you manually add a customer to the sale post-transaction? Do they enter into automation and receive notifications once attached to the sale?

A. Customers manually added to a sale post-transaction will not renter an automated flow. However, should you need to have orders reprocessed down the track in Marsello, it is possible for customers to enter the flow then.

Q. Are customers' points balance visible on the customer-facing screen at Lightspeed X-Series when they use iOS?

A. No, the customers' points balance will not appear on the customer-facing screen. However, it will appear when the customer's loyalty profile is accessed.

Q. How does Marsello handle product exchanges through Lightspeed X-Series? Is canceling points when payment status is voided the only step needed? Are these included under the same conditions as refunds?


A. Points get subtracted from the total when an item is returned. Please note it may take a few moments for this to appear in Marsello.

Points are awarded/removed by following the amount the product is valued in on the sell screen. For example, if a customer is returning and purchasing something else they will be rewarded points for the items purchased and points will be removed for the items replaced based on the value showing as + or -


Q. Is it possible for a customer's Marsello loyalty points balance to be shown on the printed receipt?

A. Currently, there isn't a feature available that will show the customer's Marsello loyalty balance. However, if this is a feature that will benefit your store, please reach out to our support team and let them know of your interest.

Q. How can customers opt out of loyalty rewards (in-store and online)?

A. If a customer wishes to opt out of loyalty only, blacklisting them from the program is recommended as it will keep the customer eligible for marketing emails. To blacklist, you can add a customer tag to the customer's Lightspeed X-Series profile and then exclude that tag from Marsello.

Q. If a customer requests a digital receipt, does the customer email sync to Marsello as a marketable contact?

A. If a customer requests a digital receipt, It will only sync as a marketable customer if they have specifically opted-in to marketing which is done on X-series by toggling the accepts marketing flag in X-series or ticketing the accepts marketing in O-series.

They would receive any enabled Loyalty Notification emails (transactional)However - when choosing to email a receipt to a customer who hasn’t been assigned to the transaction, you are prompted to enter the customer details which includes the toggle to receive marketing.

Q. When creating a free product reward, can I manually specify which free product variant in the reward?

A. Yes, you can create a free product reward and select the specific variant under advanced options.

Q. I'm using POS Prompts, is it possible for me to check my customer's rewards at any point during the sale as opposed to when prompted?

A. Currently, there isn't a feature that will allow you to check your customer's reward outside of when prompted. If this is a feature you are interested in, please reach out to our support team and let them know of your interest.

Q. My store doesn't have an eCommerce connection, can my customers still access the loyalty widget?

A. Yes, your customers can still access the loyalty widget if you only have a Lightspeed Retail X-Series integration. In order for customers to access the widget, you will need to have the Earned points loyalty automation enabled. Each time the customer receives an email from this automation, they will see a "Show rewards" button. This button will like the customer to their loyalty account and widget.

Rewards & Email discounts

Q. Do product-specific/collection-specific rewards in Lightspeed X-Series take the % off the entire subtotal or will it look to subtotal only the eligible items and then run the deduction based on that?

A. The percentage off discount will be product-specific if you are using Lightspeed X-Series on iOS. However, if you are using the Chrome extension, the discount will be removed from the entire order.

Q. For Marsello discounts within email automation - does the customer need to click 'claim' for the coupon to appear under their customer profile at checkout in-store, or can they claim at POS?

A. The customer will need to click the "claim discount" call to action button in order for the code to be available at POS for redemption.

Q. I have a Lightspeed X-Series store and have recently added a Shopify eCommerce integration. Will my Automations still show "instore" in my app admin?

A. Once you add a Shopify eCommerce integration to your Lightspeed X-Series stores, your Automation emails will update to the eCommerce templates and will be available to send to customers who shop both in-store and online. You will also notice that an Abandoned Cart automation will be added to your list of available automation.

Q. When the "Marsello discount" appears on the Vend sell screen, I assume it has its own SKU, as it's a line item on the receipt. Can we separate the discount SKU by whether it was a loyalty discount or a marketing discount?

A. Currently this isn't a feature that is available. Marsello uses a single reward product for all discounts applied. However, if this is a feature that will benefit your store, please reach out to our support team and let them know of your interest.

Q. Can Marsello discounts be applied to products that have Price Books pricing?

A. The Marsello Discount Product is intended to only look for the original price of the product and discount from that original price. When the price is lowered, Lightspeed treats that product as if it’s been discounted and displays the price as $100 $50 but the Marsello Discount Product only reads the $100.

Price Books is a feature in Lightspeed X-series and allows custom product pricing for specific locations.

Q. How does the Product recommendation work with out-of-stock products in Lightspeed X-Series? Will it still recommended items if someone similar purchased the item?

A. If a product is out of stock it wouldn't recommend that product as it has to have a positive quantity in order to recommend it.

Q. Why are my customers not able to redeem their rewards in-store?

A. Please check your customer's account to ensure there is an email address associated with the account. All customers must have an email address in Lightspeed to check and redeem rewards as Marsello uses the email address as the unique identifier.

If your customer has an email address and the site the customer is trying to use the reward at is enabled, please let our support team know of the error. If possible, please share a screenshot of the error message the customer is receiving when trying to redeem the reward.

Q. Can you see at checkout, how many points a reward will cost before redeeming it?

A. This feature is available on IOS, however, this is not currently available on the Chrome extension.

Q. I've noticed that when creating a return the Marsello discount isn't being applied. Customers are receiving the full refunded price. What can I do to correct this?

A. You could create a “reward return” product set to $0.00 which will need to be added to any return with a discount applied. Please ask the staff member running the return to change the $-amount of the returned product manually to match the amount shown as Marsello Discount Amount on the original receipt.

Q. Can the Marsello Discount product name be customized in Lightspeed X-Series?

A. Yes, the Marsello Discount product sits in the list of products in Lightspeed X-Series. This can be edited to customize the product name. Please be sure not to edit any other settings.

Q. Is the % off a specific product reward only applicable if the merchant is using an Apple iPad with a Google Chrome extension? Will it take the reward off all items or will it take the reward off the set-specific item?

A. The %-off a specific product reward is only available on iOS. If you are using the Chrome extension, it will require strict staff training as staff will need to add the item to the sale, then the reward direct after, and continue on with the checkout.

Q. I've accidentally deleted the Marsello Discount Product from my POS. Is there a way I can add that back in?

A. The Marsello Discount Product should automatically re-add itself back upon the next loyalty reward redemption at checkout.

Q. Is there a way I can exit the prompt if my customer doesn't wish to provide the information requested?

A. You can click away to exit the prompt.

Q. Why does my Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) POS promotion decrease the value of Marsello rewards and discounts?

A. When setting up a promotion in Lightspeed (X-Series) POS, go to the filter option that reads "filter products by tag, category, brand, supplier or SKU". Select to exclude the Marsello discount. This means that the LSX promotion will NOT be used on the Marsello discount product going forward. Click Save.

Devices & compatibility

Q. Does Marsello integrate with Lightspeed Retail X-Series' Lightspeed Duo functionality?

A. Marsello currently doesn't integrate with Lightspeed Retail X-Series' Lightspeed Duo functionality. While Lightspeed Duo hardware is still in development, we haven't integrated it at this point.

Compatible eCommerce Integrations

Q. I am a Lightspeed X-Series and Shopify store. One of my customers has created an account in Shopify, will that push through to Lightspeed X-Series automatically or would the customer have to create an account in Lightspeed X-Series as well?

A. The customer's details will not be pushed through to Lightspeed X-Series automatically. Please ask the customer to create an account in-store using the same email address used for the eCommerce account. Marsello uses the customer's email address as the unique identifier and will match these up in the database to prevent a duplicate account from being created.

Q. I use Unleashed along with Lightspeed X-Series. Will this impact Marsello in any way?

A. No, using Unleashed will not affect Marsello. The only possible crossover might be product stock numbers, as we use those for product recommendations.

Q. If a customer updates their email address on Shopify but does not update on Lightspeed X-Series, will their loyalty program still remain intact?

A. Yes, as long as both emails were consistent when they connected the integrations the customers in each integration will remain linked. They just need matching emails when connecting so that we can match customers accurately

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