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Signup forms Common Questions
Signup forms Common Questions

Frequently asked questions around designing and tracking the success rate of your signup forms.

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Signup forms allow you to capture your online store browsers' email addresses so you can convert them into customers. This guide contains answers to frequently asked questions around signup forms.

Signup Methods

Q. Is there a difference in the customers' experience if they sign up via a form vs. the loyalty widget signup?

A. Yes, there is a difference in the customer's experience if they sign up via a signup form rather than the widget. The purpose of using signup forms is to collect customer details such as email addresses for marketing purposes. The purpose of using the loyalty widget signup is to create a loyalty account.

  • Shopify merchants, please note that if using a signup form on your store, customers who sign up via the form will not automatically receive a store account. Store creates are only generated when customers sign up via the loyalty widget.

  • O-series merchants, please note that if a customer doesn't already exist in your database and signs up via a signup form, an account will automatically be generated for the customer in O-Series.

Q. Will the pop-up form still work if the loyalty program is paused?

A. Yes, this should still work because it falls under marketing and not loyalty.

Q. My email address already has an account in my store's database, can I still sign up via the form and test that (1) my details are recorded correctly and (2) my email receives the automation I've connected to signing up via this form?

A. If your email already exists in your store database, you can still sign up via the form. However, the details entered via the form will not override what is already in the database - any changes to name or mobile number for example should be updated through your integration. Any pre-existing email will not enter the flow to receive the automation connected to the signup form. It is recommended to test this process with a different email address that is not already in your customer database.

Customer Marketing & Reporting

Q. Can a Facebook pixel be added to a signup form to track it?

A. Yes merchants can add a Facebook pixel for tracking purposes to their sign-up form via the HTML content block.

Q. If an existing customer doesn't accept marketing and then signs up through the popup form to receive email marketing, will that update their status?

A. No, this will not automatically update the existing customer's marketing status. It is recommended to update the customer's marketing status directly from the integration you are using.

Q. Can you award loyalty points as an incentive for subscribing via a QR code form or landing page form? In the QR code forms / Landing page forms, can you award X loyalty points as an incentive for subscribing - or must it be a discount of $/% off?

A. Yes, merchants can award loyalty points or loyalty rewards as a bonus to new customers signing up via a QR code or landing page form. To award these points, you will need to create a custom automation and add in a step to award loyalty points. When setting the audience for this custom automation, be sure to create a segment of customers who complete the signup form and assign this as the audience.

Q. If I set up a check box on my popup form to record customer preferences, will those preferences display on the customer's Marsello account?

A. No, currently, only one tag from the checkbox will be recorded on the customer’s Marsello account.

Q. Is it possible to have multiple popup forms on my site?

A. No, it isn't possible to have multiple popup forms on your site. However, as a workaround, you can link to as many landing page forms from your site as needed.

Form Design

Q. Is there a maximum number of data collection fields that can be added to the popup form?

A. Currently, there isn't a limit on how many data collection fields you can add to your popup form. However, we recommend not using more than three. If you need to collect more data than this, please add a survey link to the form using an app such as Typeform.

Q. What is the exact size of the default popup form?

A. The popup form display block is set to 500px x 500px by default. If you are experiencing any issues with the background image size, try uploading a smaller image and adjusting the image padding. This usually helps with any unwanted white space towards the bottom of the form.

Q. Is there a way to embed the Marsello popup sign-up form onto our website?

A. Currently, the form is not embeddable to a website. However, you can have an embedded link that will open up a Marsello-managed form on the customer's browser.

Q. Is there any way to have the pop-up form only displayed on desktop view and not mobile?

A. Currently, there isn't a way to have the pop-up form display on desktop and not on mobile. The form is designed to display on both.

Q. Is it possible to set up a pop-up form to enable customers to download a free PDF?

A. Currently, Marsello doesn't host PDFs for customers to download when customers signing up for email marketing through a popup form. However, if you are able to host the PDF on a private page, this could be achieved by putting the link to download the PDF on the popup form's success page.

Q. What are the options to adjust the timing settings of the popup form?

A. Currently, you can only select when the popup appears by either setting a delay or setting it to appear when a customer is leaving the website.

Q. If a customer already has a profile in Marsello and they enter their details via a form, will their profile appear under the segment conditions 'sign up form is x'.

A. If a customer already exists and fills out a form, they will NOT appear associated with that form.

Q. Can customers select more than one check box on a form and have that information recorded in their Marsello account?

A. Currently, the check box records one tag from the form onto the customer's Marsello account. If you are interested in seeing this feature, please contact our support team to request this feature.

Q. Is there a way to make pop-up forms landscape?

A. The pop-up form is not currently available in landscape format.

Q. I'd like to design my pop-up form to have a two-column layout (image on the left-hand side of the form with the signup form fields on the right-hand side). Is this design layout possible?

A. Currently, it is not possible to design the popup form in a two-column layout with an image and the signup fields placed next to each other (image | signup form). Please let our support team know if this design template will be helpful to your store and the team will be able to submit a feature request on your behalf.

Q. Can I embed a signup form on my WordPress site?

A. Currently, there isn't a feature available to embed the forms on your store site. However, to achieve this goal, you could create a landing page form and link that to a navigation link on your store's menu or link it to a button on your store site.

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