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Marsello + Klaviyo Integration

Q: Is there a historical sync as part of this integration? Do historical order sync?

​A: Yes, Marsello will automatically sync across the last 6-months worth of events e.g. orders, loyalty activities etc.

Q: Where does Marsello sync the data into in Klaviyo? Is it synced to a list?

A: Marsello seamlessly syncs data directly into the customer profiles. By not syncing to a list, you have the flexibility to create lists using the Marsello data itself. This streamlined approach ensures that the data is readily available within each customer's profile, enabling you to effortlessly access and utilize it for various purposes. Whether you're creating personalized segments, implementing targeted campaigns, or analyzing customer behavior, Marsello empowers you to leverage its data-rich customer profiles to drive effective marketing strategies.

Q: How often does the sync to Klaviyo happen?

​A: The sync to Klaviyo is in real-time (up to 10mins).

Q: I already have my eCommerce orders syncing to Klaviyo, do I need to also sync them through from Marsello?

A: There's no harm in having both enabled, as Marsello syncs to different event fields in Klaviyo.

For instance, while Shopify syncs to one event field, Marsello syncs to its own distinct event field. The advantage of this dual syncing approach lies in the ability to easily segment and analyze all order data from a single event. For example, if you want to identify all customers who had purchased "Red Umbrella". By utilizing both platforms, they would be able to effortlessly locate a group of customers who had made this specific purchase, whether in-store or online.

Such valuable insights can then be utilized for various email campaigns, such as sending "follow-up care instructions" or implementing "replenishment" automations. The convenience of having consolidated order data at your disposal opens up a world of possibilities for effective customer communication and targeted marketing strategies.

Q. I've received an action required RE: Klaviyo Legacy v1/v2 API Retirement email. Is there anything I need to in Marsello from an integration perspective?

A. If you are using the new Marsello/Klaviyo integration, there isn't anything you will need to do.

Q. Will the data from each of my store sites sync across to Klaviyo?

A. As long as the store site is enabled in Marsello, this information will sync across to Klaviyo.


Q: Can customers automatically sync to a list or segment in Klaviyo?

​A: Yes, you can add Marsello fields or events as list or segment conditions in Klaviyo. Then, any customer who meets those conditions will enter that list or segment.

Q: Are all customers in Marsello synced into Klaviyo?

​A: Yes, all customers and their accept marketing preferences are synced into Klaviyo.

Q: How does Marsello match customer profiles in Klaviyo? Do they create duplicates?

A: When syncing data from Marsello to Klaviyo, the customer's profile in Klaviyo is matched based on their email address.

  • If the customer already exists in Klaviyo, their profile will be updated with the Marsello account data.

  • If the customer does not exist in Klaviyo, a new customer profile will be created for them.

This ensures that duplicates are not created, and the customer data is seamlessly integrated into Klaviyo.

Q: If a customer opts out or unsubscribes to Klaviyo marketing, will they also be unsubscribed in Marsello?

A: No, the customer will not be updated to unsubscribed in Marsello. Currently, the integration between Klaviyo and Marsello is a one-way sync from Marsello to Klaviyo.

However, if you are using Shopify, Klaviyo will update the customer's profile in Shopify, and this update will also sync to Marsello.

Q: What customer properties does Marsello update in Klaviyo?

A: Marsello exclusively updates the following Klaviyo fields if they have been modified:

  • first_name

  • last_name

  • phone_number

  • email

Additionally, Marsello creates custom fields in your Klaviyo account. These custom fields are recognizable by their "marsello_field_name" naming structure. Here are some examples of these custom fields:

  • marsello_birthdate

  • marsello_loyalty_points_balance

  • marsello_total_points_collected

  • marsello_loyalty_tier

  • marsello_accepts_email_marketing

  • marsello_accepts_sms_marketing

Please note that these custom fields enable Marsello to enhance your Klaviyo data with loyalty-related information for a more comprehensive customer profile.

Q: If a customer signs up using a Klaviyo form, will the customer sync to Marsello?

A: Currently, the integration between Klaviyo and Marsello is a one-way sync from Marsello to Klaviyo.

However, if you are using Shopify, Klaviyo will create the customer's profile as a 'guest customer' in Shopify, which includes their marketing preferences (opt-in or out). Subsequently, the customer's information, including their marketing preference, will also sync to Marsello (via Shopify integration).

Q: Can you sync Marsello segments into Klaviyo?

A: Yes, you can sync Marsello's segments based on the RFM analysis of your customer base into Klaviyo. Please note that sending any custom segments created in Marsello to Klaviyo is currently a feature request.

Q: Can I sync my point-of-sale or eCommerce customer groups/tag as part of the Marsello sync to Klaviyo?

A: πŸ”¨ This feature is currently in the pipeline. Let our support team know to register your interest and be notified as soon as it's ready.

Q. When my customers are synced across to Marsello, does this include blacklisted customers?

A. Yes, blacklisted customers are also synced across as blacklisting only pertains to loyalty.

Email Marketing

Q. Is there a way to trigger a flow in Klaviyo when a customer's loyalty points are expiring?

A. Currently, there isn't a feature available that will trigger a flow in Klaviyo when a customer's Marsello loyalty points are expiring. However, if this is a feature you are interested in, please reach out to our support team and let them know of your interest.

Q. Is there a way to replicate the Reward Discount loyalty automation flow in Klaviyo?

A. Currently, there isn't a feature to bring the discount code across as a merge tag in Klaviyo. However, if this is a feature you'd like to see, please reach out to our support team and let them know of your interest.

Q. Can I replicate Marsello loyalty automations in Klaviyo?

A. Yes, you can replicate the Marsello loyalty automations in Klaviyo. You will need to use your unique loyalty program link behind the buttons (STORENAME/?loyal). If you'd like to send a campaign/automation that includes a one-off discount, you will need to use the omnichannel offer link.

Q. I use the Marsello popup form to collect new signup information, is it possible to use this form to trigger my automation to send from Klaviyo?

A. Yes, you may use the Marsello popup form to create the new customer in Marsello and send the customer information across to Klaviyo to trigger the automation. Please note there will be a slight delay between the time the customer is created and synced.

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