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Find answers to frequently asked questions about accessing loyalty features during a sale, data syncing, and other common questions related to Shopify POS.


Q: What does Marsello use as the unique identifier for the customer?

A: Marsello uses the customer's email address as the unique identifier.

Q: Can customers sign up using only their name and mobile number?

A: While customers can sign up for the loyalty program on Shopify POS using their first name and phone number, it is important to note that customers will still need to provide an email address to redeem loyalty rewards. The email address serves as a unique identifier in eCommerce platforms, allowing the customer to be matched across both in-store and online activities.

Q: Which fields from the Shopify POS customer profile will sync with Marsello?

A: The fields that will sync from the Shopify POS customer profile to Marsello include the customer's first name, last name, email, mobile, marketing preferences and address fields.

Q: Does Marsello sync marketing opt-in status from Shopify POS?

A: Yes, when a customer's profile is updated in Shopify, Marsello will also receive the updated customer's information including first name, last name, email, mobile number, address, and marketing opt-in preference.

Q: Can I utilize these fields to segment my customers?

A: Absolutely! You can utilize all these fields to segment your customers in Marsello. Keep in mind that only customers who have given their consent to receive marketing communications will be included in the segmentation. This ensures compliance with privacy regulations and provides a targeted approach to your marketing efforts.

Q: Do Shopify customer tags sync into Marsello?

A. While Shopify customer tags do sync through for blacklisting from Loyalty via Settings, it is important to note that they do not currently sync through for segmentation in Marsello. However, if you are interested in having this feature added, please let our team know, and we can consider it as a feature request for future enhancements ✨

Q: How long does it typically take for data, such as an order, to sync from Shopify POS to Marsello?

A: The data sync from Shopify to Marsello is designed to be as close to real-time as possible, with a maximum delay of approximately 10 minutes. This ensures that the information, including orders, is promptly available in your Marsello account for effective management and analysis.

Q: If a customer is deleted in the Shopify admin, will they also be deleted from Marsello?

A: Yes, if a customer is deleted in the Shopify admin, they will be automatically removed from your Marsello account as well.

Q: Does importing customers into Marsello automatically add them to my Shopify account?

A: Yes, when you import customers into Marsello, if the customer doesn't already exist in your Shopify account (note: email is used as the unique identifier), the customer will automatically be created as a guest customer in your Shopify account.

Rewards & Email Discounts

Q: What types of rewards and email discounts can I create if I'm using Shopify POS?

A: All discounts types are available with Shopify POS (and Shopify eCommerce):
✅ $ off storewide
% off storewide
✅ Free product
✅ $ off specific-products

✅ % off specific-products
✅ $ off specific-product collections

✅ % off specific-product collections

✅ $ off with minimum spend requirement

✅ % off with minimum spend requirement

❌ Free Shipping (online only reward)

How customers view their loyalty profile

Q: How can a customer check their points balance or the rewards they have available?

A: This varies by store type:

  • For omnichannel merchants (online + in-store): If the customer has created a customer account on your online store, they can log in and view their points balance and available rewards. Or, customers can check their points by asking the staff member in-store at checkout.

  • For Shopify POS brick-and-mortar-only merchants: Customers can check their points by informing the staff member at checkout.

Q: Can I send customers an update on their points balance?

A: Yes, you can enable the Points Earned automation to automatically notify the customer when they earn points, their new points balance, and how far away they are from their next reward.

You can also add the customer's points balance, VIP tier, and referral link to any campaign or automation by adding loyalty merge tags to your email template or SMS message.

Q: Is there a loyalty program link that I can add to my emails so customers can access their loyalty profile easily?

A: For omnichannel merchants (online + in-store): Yes, you can create a unique loyalty link that you can share with your customers. Here's how to create your loyalty program link. In your email automations, you can include the 'Loyalty block' in your email templates or for email campaigns add a button and add your unique loyalty link as the URL.

Q. How do I tell customers they have available rewards?

A. You can enable the reward unlocked automation, which will notify customers as soon as they have enough loyalty points to claim a reward. This automation includes a loyalty button "Check Rewards" that customers can click to view their loyalty profile.

Shopify POS tile

Q: Which devices are compatible with Marsello's integration with Shopify POS?

A: Marsello's integration with Shopify POS is designed to work seamlessly on desktop devices and iPads. However, please note when using Marsello on an iPad, the following criteria must be met:

  • As of September 30, 2022, Shopify POS will only release fixes and bug updates for those merchants using iOS 13 or higher. Those merchants using iOS 12.5 and lower may still use POS but will not have access to these updates.

Q. I'm trying to access loyalty rewards from Shopify POS, and I can see 4 different app extensions. Which one should I install?

A. The Marsello: Scan, redeem loyalty rewards app extension is the only Marsello tile that you need to install.
The "Marsello: Loyalty, Email & SMS" and the "Show customer's rewards" are now legacy app extensions and will be removed in the coming months.

Q. Is the Marsello: Scan, redeem loyalty rewards tile available on all Shopify plans?

A. The Marsello tile is available across all Shopify POS plans.

Q. Is it possible to change the color of the tile on Shopify POS to make it easier for the retailer to see?

A. Yes, it is possible to update the color of the tile in Shopify POS. The edits can be made from within the POS app itself. Color options include yellow, blue, and gray.

Redeeming rewards and email discounts on Shopify POS

Q: How can I access a customer's loyalty profile to redeem rewards during a sale?

A: You need to make sure that the Marsello: Scan, redeem loyalty rewards app extension has been added to your Shopify POS registers. Then, to access a customer's loyalty profile and redeem rewards during a sale, follow these steps:
1. Add the customer to the sale
2. Tap "Show loyalty rewards"
This will open the customer's loyalty profile, displaying their points balance, VIP tier (if enabled) and any loyalty rewards and email discounts the customer has available to them.

Q. Does the points cost get removed from their points balance when they redeem a reward?

A. Yes, as soon as a loyalty reward has been applied to the sale, the customer's points balance is adjusted, removing the reward's points cost.

Q: If a reward/email discount is added to a sale and then removed, does the customer still have access to that reward?

A: If a customer removes an applied reward or email discount from their sale, they will still have access to the discount code for future use. The customer can view their discount code in their loyalty profile.
Please note that removing the discount code will not result in a refund of points.

Q: What happens if the staff member adds a specific product or collection reward, but the product hasn't been added to the cart?

A: In this scenario, the following experiences will occur:

  • For % off specific-product, or % off specific product collections: This discount will not be applied, and the staff member will see an error message.
    📝 Note: IF this is a loyalty reward, the customer's loyalty points will not be removed.

    • To fix: The staff member will need to add the related product to the sale. They can then open the customer's loyalty profile and apply the reward discount again. When the reward has been applied to the sale, the customer's loyalty points will be removed.

  • For Free Product, $ off specific-product, and $ off specific-product collections: If this reward type is added to the sale, it will calculate to be a $0 discount as the product is not in the current cart.
    📝 Note: IF this is a loyalty reward, as the reward discount was applied to the sale, the customer's loyalty points cost has been removed from their points balance.

    • To fix: The staff member will need to remove the discount from the current sale. They can add the related product to the sale and then open the customer's loyalty profile. Their claimed reward discount code will display as the first reward available, ready for the staff member to click apply to add the discount again.

Q. Can customers redeem more than one reward at a time?

A. This feature is currently in closed beta. Please consult this help center guide for more details and let our support team know if you are interested in joining the closed beta group.

Q. How do customers redeem rewards online?

A. Customers can claim a reward on your customer portal, and then redeem it by pasting the code into the discount bar at checkout. How customers redeem rewards online.

Q. I can see that a coupon has been created for my customer in Marsello but isn't showing up in my customer's loyalty account. Why is that?

A. If you have sent an email out to customers, this will create the coupon for them in the backend. In order for the customer to access that code from their loyalty account, they will need to click on the claim discount or call to action button from the email itself. Once the code is officially claimed, it will appear in the customer's account active and ready for use.


Shopify POS Product Recommendation Tile

Q. How do product recommendations work for in-store customers?

A. It is recommended to have images for at least 3 products saved on POS. Otherwise, the product recommendation tile will use the same algorithm. If you are an Omnichannel merchant, the algorithm will look at your online products if their POS products don't have images associated.

Q: Why are the product recommendations are not populating at POS?

A: The product recommendations tile requires at least 3 products with images to display any results. Please ensure that your Shopify products have product images to use this tile.

Shopify POS and other integrations

Q. Can I connect both Cin7 Omni and Shopify POS in Marsello?

A. Yes, it is possible to connect both Shopify POS and Cin7 Omni to Marsello.

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