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Cin7 Omni common questions
Cin7 Omni common questions

Frequently asked questions about customer engagement with your Cin7 Omni store's loyalty program, data syncing, and more!.

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For Cin7 Omni merchants
(Formerly known as Cin7 POS)


Q: Can I connect multiple Cin7 Omni accounts to one Marsello account?

A: Yes, you can connect multiple Cin7 Omni accounts to one Marsello account.

Q: Does Marsello integrate with the Cin7 Omni's sales orders feature?

A. Currently, Marsello only integrates with the Omni POS feature. However, if you are interested in having this feature added, please let our support team know, and we can consider it as a feature request for future enhancements ✨

Q. Can you have more than one Cin7 Omni branch connected to Marsello?

A. Yes, you may connect multiple Cin7 branches (sites) to Marsello. Please note that these branches (sites) need to be under the same umbrella store and will be charged as separate site locations.

Q. I have two brands under one Cin7 Omni account (for back-office purposes). I also have two separate POS within this one Cin7 Omni account. Does that mean it is possible to connect only one brand/Cin7 Omni POS to Marsello?

A. If the customers are shared in the account, then they will all sync to Marsello. Merchants can prevent orders from being processed by turning off the relevant site, however, please

take note that the data will still sync.

Q. Are you integrated with Cin7 Core?

A. Currently, there isn't an integration with Cin7 Core. If this is an integration you are interested in, please reach out to our support team and let them know of your interest.

Q. I would like to email my wholesale customers who are in Cin7 Omni. Do you pull this customer list into Marsello?

A. Yes, all Cin7 customers are synced across to Marsello. Typically, wholesale customers are blacklisted from loyalty however, if they have opted into marketing, they are eligible to receive emails.


Q: Can customers sign up using only their name and mobile number?

A: While merchant customers can sign up for the loyalty program on Cin7 Omni using their first name and phone number, it is important to note that customers will still need to provide an email address to redeem loyalty rewards. The email address serves as a unique identifier in eCommerce platforms, allowing the customer to be matched across both in-store and online activities.

Q: Which fields from the Cin7 Omni customer profile will sync with Marsello?

A: The fields that will sync from the Cin7 Omni customer profile to Marsello include the customer's first name, last name, email, and mobile.

Q: Can I segment my customers?

A: Absolutely! You can segment your customers in Marsello. Keep in mind that only customers who have given their consent to receive marketing communications will be included in the segmentation. This ensures compliance with privacy regulations and provides a targeted approach to your marketing efforts.

Q: How long does it typically take for data, such as an order, to sync from Cin7 Omni to Marsello?

A: The data sync from Cin7 Omni to Marsello is designed to be as close to real-time as possible, with a maximum delay of approximately 15 minutes. This ensures that the information, including orders, is promptly available in your Marsello account for effective management and analysis.

Q: If a customer is deleted in the Cin7 Omni admin, will they also be deleted from Marsello?

A: Yes, if a customer is deleted in the Cin7 Omni admin, they will be completely removed from your Marsello account as well.

Q: Do Cin7 Omni customer tags sync with Marsello?

A: Cin7 Omni customer tags sync to Marsello for blacklisting purposes in loyalty only. Customer tags do not sync through for segmenting purposes in Marsello. However, if you are interested in having this feature added, please let our team know, and we can consider it as a feature request for future enhancements ✨

Q: What is the best way to update the customer's email address?

A: Please update the customer's email address directly in Cin7 Omni. This will automatically sync to Marsello and update the customer's Marsello profile.

Q. Does it matter if a customer account is added by clicking New or by clicking CRM and then adding a new customer within Cin7 Omni CRM - will this impact anything within Marsello?


A. It does not matter how the customer account is created in Cin7 Omni as through either method of creation, the customer should sync through to Marsello. However, please note that if a customer is created in the CRM and then purchases via the Sales Order screen, order details will not flow through to Marsello.

Q. What happens in the following situation? A staff member processes a sale in Cin7 Omni and forgets to add the end customer to the sale. That staff member goes back in and assigns that customer to the order. Will this update sync across to Marsello and will points be awarded accordingly?

A. Marsello will not receive an automatic message when an order is updated. However, the change should sync across. Please note that there may be a delay due to the way Cin7 Omni data is synced into Marsello.

Q. What is the best way to update the Cin7 Omni marketing status for a customer?

A. The best way to update a customer's marketing status is via the Chrome extension. Marsello doesn't push the customers' marketing status into Cin7 Omni.


Q: What reward types are available for Cin7 Omni?

A: For Cin7, you have access to a variety of loyalty rewards and email discount types. These include:

✅ $ off storewide
✅ % off storewide
✅ VIP assigned rewards and discounts

Q: If a customer returns their order, can Marsello automatically deduct the loyalty points awarded for their order?

A: Currently, when an order is returned/refunded in Cin7 Omni, Cin7 Omni generates a credit note that is separate from the original order. This means Marsello is unable to match the original order to the credit note, to be able to automatically remove the points awarded. If there are any updates to this process from Cin7 Omni, or a way to match the credit note to the original process, we'll keep you updated.

In the meantime, you can do this by manually adjusting the customer's points balance in your Marsello admin.

Q: Can you exclude specific products from the loyalty program automatically with Cin7?

A: No you can't blacklist individual products from your loyalty program with Cin7. However, you can exclude product categories. Learn more on Product category blacklisting here.


Q. What type of rewards are available through the Marsello/Cin7 Omni integration?

A. Cin7 Omni retailers can host dollar-off and percentage-off rewards in their loyalty program. If there is a reward type not listed here that will be useful for your business, please reach out to our support team and let them know.

Q. How do customers redeem rewards?

A. Staff will first need to add the products customers wish to purchase at checkout and then add the discount. Please note that if you add a coupon code to an order and the customer changes their mind before completing checkout, the reward code will be considered redeemed. At the moment, there isn't a way to automate refunds.

Q. Do you integrate with Cin 7 Sales orders? I'd like to for customers to redeem rewards there.

A. Currently, we do not have a feature that integrates Cin7 Sales orders. If this is a feature you are interested in, please reach out to our support team and let them know.

Cin7 Omni and eCommerce Integrations


Q. Can Cin7 Omni and Shopify databases sync together?

A. Currently, the Cin7 Omni and Shopify databases can not sync together. This means that if a customer account is created in Shopify, it will not automatically appear in Cin7. Either staff or the customer would need to create the customer's second account in Cin7 Omni using the same email address in order for the customer to have a full omnichannel experience.

Q. If I have Cin7 Omni and Shopify connected and our orders from Shopify are also syncing into Cin7 Omni, do I run the risk of duplicate order information in Marsello?

A. No, Marsello will ignore the orders that Shopify sent to Cin7.

Q. I have a customer who has previously signed up online through a Marsello pop-up form on Shopify. Will I also need to create the customer in Cin7 Omni POS?

A. Yes, you will need to create the customer in your Cin7 Omni as the Shopify customer won’t appear in their Cin7 POS database. Be sure to use the same email address the customer used at their Shopify signup when creating the account in Cin7 Omni so the accounts link in Marsello.

Please note that if the customer first signs up in Cin7 Omni, they will sync across to Shopify - not the other way around.

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