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BigCommerce common questions
BigCommerce common questions
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Find answers to frequently asked questions about customer engagement with your online store's loyalty program, data syncing, and other common questions related to BigCommerce.


Q: Can I connect multiple BigCommerce accounts to one Marsello account?

A: Currently you can connect one BigCommerce account to one Marsello account.

Q: If my BigCommerce orders sync into my POS account, will this award double points for the same order?

A: No, we have implemented checks to prevent double point rewards for the same order. For instance, if an order is made on BigCommerce, the customer will earn points for their online order. If this BigCommerce order is synced into your POS account, they will not earn additional points and vice versa. This ensures that customers receive points only once for their order, maintaining fairness in the loyalty program.

Q. I am switching from one eCommerce platform to BigCommerce, can customers can keep their current rewards? Do customers just need to create an account on BigCommerce, and will their points and rewards sync via the widget?

A. To access their loyalty profile on BigCommerce, each customer needs to create a new customer account, primarily because accounts cannot be transferred between eCommerce platforms. However, if customers use the same email address to create their BigCommerce account, they will be able to access their existing loyalty profile. Please note that any 'claimed' rewards, ie. available discount codes, from the previous platform cannot be used on BigCommerce. Only new rewards and email discounts going forward will be applicable on the BigCommerce platform.


Q. Do customers receive a loyalty account automatically when signing up for a customer account in my BigCommerce store?

A. To make sure that customers can create a store account, check your BigCommerce Account Creation settings.

Under Store Setup > Store Settings > Display, set your BigCommerce Account Creation setting to: Yes, enable account creation in my store.

Your customers will have the option to create a store account or check out as a guest. In both cases, your customers will be added to your loyalty program and earn points for their purchases.

Q: Which fields from the BigCommerce customer profile will sync with Marsello?

A: The fields that will sync from the BigCommerce customer profile to Marsello include the customer's first name, last name, email, mobile and marketing opt-in preference.

Q: What does Marsello use as the unique identifier for the customer?

A: Marsello uses the customer's email address as the unique identifier.

Q: If a customer is deleted in the BigCommerce admin, will they also be deleted from Marsello?

A: Yes, if a customer is deleted in the BigCommerce admin, they will be automatically removed from your Marsello account as well.

Q: If a reward/email discount is added to a sale and then removed, does the customer still have access to that reward?

A: If a customer removes a reward or email discount from their sale, they will still have access to the discount code for future use. The customer can view their discount code in their loyalty profile.
Please note, removing the discount code will not result in a refund of points.

Q: If a customer is created in BigCommerce, does Marsello create this customer in the POS?

A: No, currently, when a customer is created in BigCommerce, Marsello does not automatically create the same customer in the POS (Point of Sale) system. However, the customer information is created and stored within Marsello, allowing you to leverage it for your loyalty program and marketing efforts. If this sync interests you, please inform our support team so that we can register your interest and keep you updated on any developments.

Q: Is it necessary to integrate BigCommerce and my POS platform together for Marsello to work, or can Marsello integrate independently with both POS and BigCommerce?

A: No, BigCommerce and your POS do not have to be integrated together for Marsello to work. You can have separate POS and eCommerce setups, and Marsello will still function seamlessly with both.

Loyalty Settings

Q. How does a double points promotion work with delayed shipments?
If I have my settings set to reward points when the order status is either completed or shipped and decide to run a double points promotion for 24 hours, will orders that aren't marked as completed or shipped until 2 weeks alter the backdate to the other date and register that a points promotion was happening?

A. No, the order will need to be shipped within 24 hours for the points promotion to automatically reward points. If an order is not shipped within this time frame, it will not backdate to the promotion date. In such cases, you'll need to manually adjust the points balances for customers who made orders during the promotional period but had delayed shipments.

Q. I've connected my BigCommerce store to Marsello and have followed all the guides for the widget setup. However, when I go to test my widget, I cannot find it on my store.

A. In your Marsello app admin, go to Loyalty > Rewards Program > Online Widget and select the Tab tab. Now go to the Tab Visibility field and ensure this is set to Desktop and Mobile or Desktop. only.

Q. I have a headless BigCommerce store and am using WordPress as my main website. As my orders are recorded in Marsello, will customers continue to earn points?

A. Yes, as long as your making a purchase earn option is enabled in Marsello and orders are being recorded in your connected BigCommerce store, customers will earn points for their purchases.

Q. I have a headless BigCommerce store and am using WordPress as my main site, can I still create a tabless loyalty program for my site so that customers may access the widget?

A. Currently, we are not integrated with WordPress. If you were to create a tabless program, this would point customers to your BigCommerce site. If this is an integration you'd like to see, please contact our support team and let them know of your interest. Our support team can also assist you with access to the Marsello API so that you may build a widget for your WordPress site.


Q: Is there an abandoned cart automation feature available with BigCommerce integration?

A: Currently, an abandoned cart automation is not available for the BigCommerce integration. However, if this is a feature you're interested in, please reach out to our support team and let them know of your interest 😊

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