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Klaviyo integration

Connect Marsello and Klaviyo – sync your POS and eCommerce orders, loyalty activities and feedback events to customer profiles in Klaviyo.

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Using your customer loyalty and point-of-sale order data to create targeted marketing has never been easier with Marsello and Klaviyo.

🎥 See demo video of end-to-end experience:

Klaviyo and Marsello merchants can:
✨ Utilize loyalty program and in-store order data for personalized customer segments.
✨ Supercharge Klaviyo email campaigns and automations with customer loyalty information, along with offering redeemable incentives for both in-store and online.
✨ Keep accounts in sync with real-time data, enabling you to manage marketing using the latest insights.

✨ View in-depth reporting on in-store and online sales from their campaigns efforts in Klaviyo.

Not using Klaviyo? Discover more about Klaviyo's features and benefits here.

Before you start

In your Klaviyo account, you will need to generate a new API Full Access Key.

To create an API in Klaviyo:

1. Navigate to API Keys under profile settings.

2. Enter "Marsello" as your Private API Key Name

3. Under Select Access Level, select Full Access Key

4. Click Create. This will generate your new API key.

5. Click Copy Key.

Keep this key ready to paste into your Marsello+Klaviyo Klaviyo Add-on settings.


How to enable Klaviyo integration in Marsello

1. In Marsello admin, go to Settings > Integrations > Extensions

2. Next to Klaviyo, click Connect

3. Under Klaviyo API Key, paste your Marsello API key

4. Click Save. Your Marsello & Klaviyo accounts will now be connected.


Customer properties and events syncing to Klaviyo

Customer properties and events will be synced to the matching customer profile in Klaviyo (based on the customer's email address). If the customer does not exist in Klaviyo, they will be added.

📝 Note: All customers will be synced into Klaviyo along with their Marsello marketing opt-in status.

Customer Properties

Marsello automatically syncs the following customer properties into Klaviyo:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Phone number

  • Email (required)

  • Marsello gender

  • Marsello birthdate

  • Marsello loyalty points balance

  • Marsello total points collected

  • Marsello loyalty tier

  • Marsello referral link

  • Marsello accepts email marketing

  • Marsello accepts sms marketing

  • Marsello RFM segment

  • Marsello tags

  • Marsello average spend

  • Marsello order frequency

  • Marsello Days since last order

  • Membership card ID

  • Marsello customer ID

📝 Note: Marsello populates Klaviyo's existing First name, Last Name, Email, and Phone Number fields. All of the fields with "Marsello..." are custom fields created by Marsello.


Sync customer event sets to your Klaviyo account to use them to automate timely and targeted emails based on their shopping behavior, loyalty engagement, or feedback responses. The events are dynamic and sent to Klaviyo in as close to real-time as possible.

The event sets you can choose to sync are:

1. In Marsello admin, go to Integrations > Extensions > Klaviyo

2. Under Sync Events, next to the event set, click the ON/OFF toggle to enable or disable.

  • ON: When the event set is enabled, the events will begin to sync as they occur, into the matching customer profile in Klaviyo.

  • OFF: When the event set is disabled, the events will no longer sync into Klaviyo.

💡 Best practice:

  • Sync POS orders – Highly recommended – so you can see the impact of your Klaviyo marketing on your in-store sales.

  • Sync eCommerce orders – Optional. If your eCommerce platform is already connected to Klaviyo, then this is optional as you'll already be syncing your eCommerce orders via that integration

  • Sync loyalty activities – Highly recommended – so you can personalize your email campaigns with customer & loyalty profile details

  • Sync feedback responses - Optional – could be useful when creating segments e.g. see all customers with a happy sentiment towards your business.

3. Click Sync existing data to Klaviyo

When the event set is first enabled it will automatically sync the last 6 months of event activities into Klaviyo. Depending on how many orders, customers, and products your store has, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to sync all of your data.

4. Click Yes, start sync to confirm you're happy for the sync to begin

More details on the event sets

POS & eCommerce orders:

Using Marsello, you can connect your POS and eCommerce platforms to create a seamless omnichannel loyalty experience. You can entice new customers to join and keep existing customers engaged with your loyalty program, which helps you gain access to a treasure trove of valuable order data such as purchase site, order total, product selection, and more.

Sync POS and eCommerce order events into Klaviyo to create a 360-degree view of your customers' spending behavior with your business. Create segments and automations based on in-store and online orders, and personalize your email marketing even further.

POS and/or eCommerce orders events:

  • Marsello - Placed order

  • Marsello - Ordered product

  • Marsello - Ordered product from category

Loyalty activities:

Using Marsello's loyalty program, you can encourage customers to return by rewarding them with loyalty program points for each purchase they make, and more.

Sync loyalty events into Klaviyo to supercharge your email marketing. Create segments and automations based on loyalty program engagement, and use their loyalty profile information to further personalize your marketing to each customer.

Loyalty & omnichannel offer events:

  • Marsello - Points Awarded

  • Marsello - Points removed

  • Marsello - Claimed reward

  • Marsello - Redeemed reward

  • Marsello - Claimed offer

  • Marsello - Redeemed offer

  • Marsello - Activity

Feedback responses:

Using Marsello's customer feedback feature, you can measure customer satisfaction with their shopping experience. Keep track of what you're doing well and how you can improve.

Sync feedback responses to Klaviyo to help measure customer sentiment. Create segments and automation follow-ups to help foster customer relationships with your brand.

Feedback response event:

  • Marsello - Feedback received


Using Marsello properties & events in Klaviyo

Customer properties and events will be synced to the matching customer profile in Klaviyo (based on the customer's email address).

This data can be used to create custom flows or segments in Klaviyo to supercharge your email marketing with better targeting and personalization.

Here's 3 ways your Marsello data can be used in Klaviyo

More details:

Klaviyo email templates

Use Marsello populated customer profile data to further personalize your Klaviyo email templates.

Marsello properties are available under Klaviyo's text block.

1. In your Klaviyo email template, click into your text block

2. Under text block settings, click the person icon (Hover = "Add personalization")

3. Scroll to Properties

4. Select the merge tag

💡Tip: Looking to add a discount to your email campaign? Easily create a discount code that will work in-store and online with Marsello's omni-channel offers. Learn more.

5. Optional: Update the default/fallback text value

6. Complete you email campaign ready to send to your customers.

Klaviyo segmentation

Create conditional split in an automation using your Marsello data.
Go to your Klaviyo segmentation settings.

If you want to segment by the properties:

1. In select a condition, and click Properties about someone

2. Click into the Dimensions drop-down and scroll to the Custom Properties section

3. Select the property

4. Edit the operator and value for your condition

If you want to segment by order, loyalty or feedback events

1. In select a condition, and click What someone has done (or not done)

2. In the drop-down scroll to the API section

3. Select the event

4. Edit the operator and value for your condition

📝 Note: If you want to segment by customers who accept marketing, you will need to create a segment in Klaviyo using the OR condition: "marsello_accepts_email_marketing is true" "OR" "Accepts Marketing is True". Segments that do not include the OR condition run the risk of missing customers who are created at POS and accept marketing. POS and accept marketing.

Segmentation ideas:

  • In-store customers who have unlocked reward

  • Customers who have brought X product in-store or online

  • Positive feedback received; shopped more than 5 times

Klaviyo custom automations

Create custom automations using your Marsello event data as the trigger.
Marsello events are available under Klaviyo's Automation Triggers.

1. In your Klaviyo automation section, click create flow

2. Click Create from scratch, enter a name and click create flow

3. Under Trigger Setup, click Metric

4. In the choose metric drop-down, select the event trigger e.g. Order placed

5. Add trigger filters if required; e.g. Site name etc.

6. Create your custom automation

Klaviyo automation conditional splits

Create conditional split in an automation using your Marsello data

1. In your Klaviyo automation editor, under Actions, select Conditional Split

2. Click Select a condition to configure your split

3. Click Properties about someone

4. Click into the Dimensions drop-down and scroll to the Custom Properties section

5. Select the property

6. Edit the operator and value for your condition

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