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eCommerce integrations Common Questions
eCommerce integrations Common Questions

Frequently asked questions about loyalty and eCommerce integrations.

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Reward customers when they sign up and shop online. This guide contains answers to frequently asked questions around eCommerce integrations.

eCommerce Store Settings

Q. Is is possible to operate one Marsello account with different currencies participating in loyalty?

A. It is recommended to have one Marsello account per eCommerce store country/currency. Marsello insights and revenue numbers are based in a single local currency.

Loyalty Rewards

Q. Can white-listed (free product) rewards have a minimum spend rule?

A. No, white-listed rewards cannot have a minimum spend rule.

Connecting Marsello with eCommerce Integrations

Q. Does Marsello integrate with Maropost Commerce Cloud?

A. Currently, Marsello is not integrated with Maropost Commerce Cloud. If this is an integration you'd like to see released, please contact our support team and ask them to submit an integration request.

Q. Can you connect Shopify eCommerce and Heartland POS to Marsello?

A. Yes, Marsello integrates with both Shopify eCommerce and Heartland POS. Both integrations maybe connected to the same Marsello account.

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