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Manage, generate and respond to Google Reviews and attract new customers through your Marsello app admin.

Merchant Setup

Q. Does the retailer have to be omnichannel?

A. Typically businesses with a Google Business account have a physical location, however, eCommerce stores may have one as well.

Q. I have multiple POS sites and Google Reviews enabled, does the "Store Name" merge tag pull through the site the customer shopped at in the automation or only the overall company name?

A. Currently, the store name does not pull through. If this is a feature that will benefit your store, please reach out to our support team and they will be able to put through a feature request on your behalf.

Google Review Integration

Q. Can I connect and sync Google Reviews to Marsello without enabling the Google review request automations?

A. It needs to be enabled. The automation requires the Google Review merge tag {{google_review_url}}.

Q. Is the Google Reviews manager in Marsello connected to Google Shopping?
A. Google Review is NOT connected to Google Shopping.

Q. I have connected my Google Business account but can't see my Google Business pages to map them to my sites?

A. It is possible that you have multiple Google accounts. please be sure to use the account you have used to sign up to your Google Business account. This can be updated under the Marsello Google Review settings.

Q. How can I see if I have an Approved Google Business account?

A. Check Google, if you have a panel on the right-hand side, with reviews previously you’ll know they have an approved account.

Q. What happens to a customer who made a purchase at a non-mapped site with the Google reviews automation? Do they receive the automation with a broken link? Or not trigger the email?

A. No, it is required that the site that the order came from to be mapped to create a valid link, and the email will therefore fail (not send). The customer will still enter the automation, but will 'skip' any email steps.

Q: If I were to map Google Reviews to an eCommerce site only, should I be disabling product reviews on my site?

A: No, it's not necessary to disable product reviews on your eCommerce site when implementing Google Reviews. Both can coexist beneficially. Google Reviews assess the business overall, potentially enhancing local search engine ranking, while product reviews provide valuable insights and build consumer trust specific to individual products. Having both types of reviews offers a comprehensive perspective for potential customers and can positively impact your online presence and sales.

Q. How many Google Reviews can a customer leave?

A. As per Google review guidelines, a person can leave a single review with an attached Gmail account. Customers are always welcome to edit or remove their own reviews.

Note: If customers try to leave multiple reviews from different Gmail accounts on a single device like-PC, it is a violation of Google norms. Google finds multiple reviews from a single device as inappropriate and removes them.

Q. Is it possible to send individual Google review requests from POS?

A. Currently, the Google Review merge tag {{google_review_url}} is tied to the order trigger for automation (email or SMS). The Google Review merge tag isn't available for campaigns. If this is a feature that will benefit your store, please reach out to our support team and they will be able to submit a feature request on your behalf.

Q. Can I set up a Google Review automation for multiple sites? Ideally, I'd like the automation to send a SMS to customers based on the site they have ordered from.

A. The Google Review automation has a merge tag that automatically populates the link based on where the customer purchased. For example, if the customer purchased from Queen Street, then the mapped Google my business page for Queen St, would be the review form that is displayed to the customer.

Google Review and Segments

Q. Will the customer enter the custom segment/automation more than once if they meet the entry conditions each time or as they’re going through a custom segment first? Will they only enter the automation once (seeing a lot of feedback from retailers not wanting it to send after each transaction so trying to bypass this if possible)

A. The trigger for Google Reviews has to be “When an order is made”. You can then use this audience to segment the group. as it is not possible to use another trigger.
To reduce the number of customers that are sent a Google Review, you could segment the group of customers who have left positive feedback from your feedback survey.

Google Reviews and SMS

Q. I am a vape store and have Google Reviews enabled. Can I send out the Google Review request via SMS?

A. No, any merchant that qualifies as a SHAFT retailer will not be able to use the SMS feature to request Google Reviews.

Q. If the customer has no mobile number on their profile and they enter the Google Review request automation flow, will it skip the SMS and go through Email automation instead? Or, will the automation stop because the customer doesn't have a mobile number?

A. The automation will be canceled for the customer once they reach the SMS step.

Q. If I were to remove a step of the Google Review, particularly the SMS step, would it still work as long as it's active and enabled?

A. You are welcome to customize the Google Review request flow. You need to ensure that the merge tag {{google_review_url}} is included to be able to link the order with the Google Review. You must have:

  • Integrated your Google business account

  • Mapped your sites to the associated Google business

  • Enabled the Google Review automation to request reviews

Q. Can I send an SMS automation asking to leave a review for Google Reviews and potentially an automation setup to ask for a product review via Shopify's Products Review app? If so can I award loyalty points for this?

A. Yes, you can set up an SMS automation asking customers to leave a Google Review. However, please note you cannot offer incentives for Google Reviews as this would be a breach of Google's terms and conditions. You may have Shopify's Product Reviews enabled at the same time as Google Reviews. Product reviews look at individual products as opposed to the business as a whole. You may reward loyalty points on product reviews.

Google Review Automation

Q. Does Marsello do 'Review Syndication'?

A. No, Marsello does not do review syndication. Review syndication is where someone leaves a review and we copy that to multiple locations. For example, a customer leaves a Google review and we copy that to the merchant's social media platforms and/or other review platforms.

Q. Can I connect multiple Google business pages to Marsello? If so, how does Marsello know which Google page to link in the automation?

A. Once integrated with the Google My Business account, all the sub-google pages are automatically added to the merchant's account to map against the integration sites.

Q. Within the automation, is it possible to reward points only to those who have left a review?

A. You can use segmentation to create a group for those who have previously left reviews and then create custom automation on the back of that. You are NOT allowed to advertise that customers will get points for leaving a review otherwise you risk being de-listed.

Q. I am using Google Review and have 5 sites currently enabled in Marsello. Is it possible for to only request Google Reviews from purchases made at 3 of the 5 locations?

A. Currently, there isn't a feature that will allow you to do this. If this is something that would benefit your store, please contact our support team and let them know. The team will be able to submit a feature request on your behalf.

Q. I have two sites mapped for Google Reviews. Will the leave a review button in the automation dynamically link to the correct store?

A. The leave a review button is based on the trigger setup for the automation. If you have the trigger set to send after an order has been placed, the leave a review button will link to the site where the customer made their purchase.

Q: If I enable the Google Reviews feature, will Marsello sync across all reviews made on Google?

A: Marsello selectively syncs Google Reviews, capturing only those submitted after customers engage with the Google Review request automation. These reviews are uniquely valuable as they're linked to specific orders, providing crucial context for your analysis. It's essential to ensure the visibility of the {{google_review_url}} merge tag in your emails to prompt customer engagement with this feature effectively. By mapping Google reviews to orders, Marsello enhances understanding by associating feedback directly with customer transactions, facilitating pattern recognition, issue resolution, and personalized responses. Leveraging this data enables businesses to refine products, services, and overall customer experiences with informed decision-making.

Currently, syncing all Google Reviews across to Marsello is a feature request. If you'd like to have this feature available in app, please contact our support team and let them know.

Q. Does the {{google_review_url}} merge tag have to be in the content of the email via a text block OR can it be behind a button?

A. It is recommended to pllace the merge tag in the content of the email via a text block.

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