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How to Connect Google Review Manager to Marsello
How to Connect Google Review Manager to Marsello

Manage, generate and respond to Google Reviews and attract new customers through your Marsello app admin.

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⚠️ Important: An approved Google My Business Account is required to use this feature.


Connect Your Google Reviews Manager

1. In your Marsello admin, go to Customers > Responses > Google Reviews

2. Select "Manage Program" to connect your ‘Google My Business Page’.

📝Note: You will be asked to log in & approve the connection. Be sure to use the account the same account that you signed up to Google Business accounts with.

3. ‘Map’ your POS & eCommerce sites in Marsello to the correct Google My Business Page by clicking on the drop down menu next to each location you would prefer to manage reviews.

4. Enable your Google Review Manager by toggling the on/off button to on. Once enabled you will be able to edit and customize the preset Google Review Request flow.

📝 Note: By default, the Google Review Request trigger is set to 'When an order is made'. This trigger is not customizable.

💡 Tip: Beta results show including an SMS step in the automated Google Review Request flow results in more reviews. We recommend utilizing and maximizing your SMS marketing for Google Reviews. However, please note that SHAFT retailers will not be permitted to send SMS requests for Google Review. Please refer to this article on SMS compliance for more information.

⚠️ Important: Requesting customers to submit reviews is permitted under the Google Review manager, however there a few business rules when requesting reviews. Failure to comply to these guidelines may result in Google's removal of a review or banning users or businesses from using their services. The following is forbidden:

  • Soliciting reviews in customers in bulk

  • Selectively solicit(ing) positive reviews from customers

  • Paying for or incentivizing reviews

  • Reviewing your own business as it causes a conflict of interest.


Managing Google Reviews

In the Google Reviews section, you can see:

  • All reviews since connecting Marsello to their Google My Business Page

  • Review rating of all reviews collected since connecting to Marsello including a breakdown of # per star rating

  • Ability to filter reviews based on the timeframe, order info, and review content

When a customer leaves a review, it will automatically sync into your Marsello admin. Here you can:

  • Respond to the review, which will publish your comment to the Google Business page

  • Give loyalty points as a thank you

  • Message the customer personally via mailto: address

  • See the order details of the customer


How it works - your customers' experience.

  1. When a customer makes an order, they will receive the Google Review Request Automation (once enabled).

  2. This automation has a CTA (call-to-action) button that will ask the customer to leave a review on the Google business site where they made their purchase. e.g. IF the customer made a purchase at the George Street Store, the CTA will lead them to the Google business page for the George Street store.

  3. The customer will leave their Google Review - Including a star rating & have the option to leave an additional comment & photo.



Q. Do merchants get to approve a Google Review before it gets published?

A. No, Google Reviews are pushed into Marsello without the option for a merchant to approve before being published.

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