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Customer Segment common questions
Customer Segment common questions

Frequently asked questions about creating and managing customer segments.

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Segmentation allows you to create specific customer groups, which you can send targeted marketing campaigns or automation. This guide contains answers to frequently asked questions around segments.

Creating Custom Segments

Q. For segments set to the total number of purchases, for example, total number of purchases is 5", will the customer exit the segment once their 6th order is placed?

A. Yes, upon making their 6th purchase, the customer would no longer meet the segment conditions and will exit the segment.

Q. Can I segment by tags?

A. Yes, you can run a custom tag import to give customers the appropriate tag for segmenting purposes. Once that import is complete, you will be able to run that segment by custom tag.

📝 Note: it is not possible to tag a customer with multiple tags in one import. You will need to run separate imports for multiple tags. However you can run a segment with multiple tags.

If a customer is blacklisted in loyalty and the segment is set up to exclude those same blacklisted tags listed in loyalty, is there a way for that to automatically pull through or would the retailer have to retag those blacklisted customers in Marsello for segmenting purposes?

Segmenting by tag will only work for tags created via Marsello, not the integration.

If a retailer has a custom segment created for customers with a certain tag and then one of these customers unsubscribes from email marketing, are they going to exit the segment automatically?

They will still remain part of the segment. However, they will be unable to receive any email marketing from the retailer.

Q. Will removed customers display in the custom segment?

A. Removed customers will not receive emails as they have been unsubscribed. However, their names will still appear in the segment report.

Q. I have multiple sites connected and wish to create a segment of customers who have purchased from POS and then another segment of customers who purchased online. If a customer has purchased from both which segment will they enter?

A. Both. Segments are looking for an order from either the POS or eCommerce site. If there’s an order, the customer will appear.

Q. When using the created at-date custom segments feature, is this the date the customer entered the integration (e.g. Shopify/Vend), the date they synced into Marsello initially, or made a purchase?

A. This uses the date initially synced through Marsello.

Q. If a segment condition is set to "total purchases" "is" "5", customers who have made 5 purchases will enter the segment. However, what happens when the customer makes their 6th purchase? Will they exit the segment?

A. The customers will exit the segment as soon as their total purchases are no longer 5 (purchases). If they make another, their total would be 6 and they would exit.

Q. Can Marsello segment my customer base according to industry standards (for example, food industry)?

A. No, unfortunately, Marsello does not have this information to provide industry standards.

Q. Is it possible to create customer segments based on loyalty rewards claimed?

A. Currently, it is not possible to create customer segments based on the loyalty rewards claimed. If this is something that will be helpful to your store, please contact our support team and ask them to put through a feature request.

Segment by Forms

Q. If a customer already has a profile in Marsello and they enter their details via a form, will their profile appear under the segment conditions 'sign up form is x'.

A. If a customer already exists and fills out a form, they will NOT appear associated with that form.

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