Customizing your email template

Use Marsello's built-in email builder to create beautifully crafted and functional marketing emails.

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Customize your email template

Start with a pre-built email template that already includes your branding; logo and social media links. Then, easily customize your email template with simple drag-and-drop content blocks, styling, and more! No digital design knowledge is required.

πŸ“ Note: If your store logo isn't displayed on your email template, you'll need to update your email brand settings. This will automatically populate your logo and social media links on all your marketing email templates.

Customize the email template structure

1. To customize the template structure, drag-and-drop the layout blocks to the email template

2. Click on the layout block to further customize your email. In the right-hand settings panel, you can:

  • Choose different Column layouts

  • Update the Background color

  • Update the Background content color

  • Add a Background image

  • Update the Responsive design options (Choose how your email template is viewed on different devices)

πŸ“ Note: If you would like to include images side-by-side you'll need to drag-and-drop a block with 2 or more columns.

Customize the template content

1. Choose the content section to drag and drop blocks into your email template

Simple content blocks include:

  • Columns block

  • Button block

  • Divider block

  • Heading block

  • HTML block – use HMTL to build your email

  • Image block – Add campaign images or product images to your email content. You can also add effects to your images, e.g. text overlay from the block settings

  • Social block – insert social links and choose from a variety of social icon designs

  • Text block – Personalize your email content and include merge tags such as first name, loyalty points, VIP tier and unique referral program link

Advanced (or dynamic) content blocks include:

  • Menu block – add a menu to your email to link to the pages of your website

  • Discount block – add a discount to your email

  • Store Logo block – Auto-add your store's logo from your email settings

  • Social Icons – Auto-add your store's social media links from your email settings.

  • Product block – Showcase a specific product from your store to your email content.

  • Timer block – add a countdown to your email

  • Video block – Add a video URL to embed a hosted video in your email content

  • Shop Now (eCommerce only) – Link your customers directly to the home page of your online store.

  • Product recommendations block – Increase order value with recommended products for each customer based on their previous purchases and other customers just like them.

2. Click Save

3. [Optional] Send a test email. If you want to preview your email before you send it:

  • Click Send Test Email

  • Enter your email address

  • Click OK

⚠️ Important: The Advanced content blocks are all considered 'dynamic content'. Dynamic content like discounts and product recommendations will not be displayed in test emails. Test emails are designed to preview the design and proofread the content. If you would like to test the full customer experience, you can follow these instructions.

This will send a test of your email to your email address.

4. Click Save and then Next Step. This will automatically save your email content ready to send to your customers.

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