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Marsello's Automation template library and it's range of prebuilt templates make creating email content easier than ever!

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With Marsello's Automation template library, creating email content is easier than ever before. Choose from a range of basic and themed email campaign templates, or create and save your own.

Automation template options

Email automation templates

The Marsello email automation template library contains pre-made campaigns to help make marketing easier. These basic templates offer a range of different layouts and are fully customizable to your store's brand.
Available templates include:

Favorite automation templates

You can save your favorite automation templates by selecting the heart icon next to the template in Automations library. This will make the template accessible quickly and easily each time you access Favorite automation templates.

Create your own Custom automation templates

For even more customization, you can create your own email templates from scratch to help you standardize the email campaigns sent from your store. Choose the layout, design, and basic content to suit your particular needs.

πŸ’‘Quick Tip: You can save your email template during the campaign email editor by clicking Save as template in the drop-down options. This will save the email template using your Subject Line as the template name.


Using Email automation templates

Once you have decided which template or custom template you would like to use for your campaign, you can easily set up your email automation. For more detailed instructions on setting up a campaign, please see our How to Create a Custom Automation help center article.

1. In your Marsello app admin, go to Marketing > Automations From the drop-down menu next to the Create Automation ton select Automation Library

2. Click Create Automation next to the automation you wish to edit.

3. Click Edit Automation and click the pencil icon on to the individual email you wish to edit within the flow. From here select change template from the campaign editor.

4. This will open up the Marsello Automation Template Library. Select use template for the template you wish to apply to this step in the flow.


πŸ“Note: Confirm you wish to proceed with the update via the popup and the format of this campaign will automatically update to match the template.

5. Make any required customizations to this email template and select Save

6. Select Send Preview to send a copy of this campaign to yourself to review.

7. Click Save & Return to make any further edits required for additional steps in the flow.

8. Select Save & Return again to return to the automation editor and select Enable Automation

Create and use your own Email automation template

1. In your Marsello app admin, go to Marketing > Automations and click Create Automation

2. Here you will be prompted to update the trigger settings for your custom automation. Here you can enter the automation's name, select the target audience, and when the automation will be sent.

3. By default, the automation will contain a single email step in the flow. To add another step in the flow, simply click on the "+" icon.

This will open up a menu where you can add the step of your choosing to the flow. here you can add in an email, an SMS message, add points to a customer's account or add in a delay in sending times. Once you have made your selection, click continue.

πŸ“ Note: You can repeat this step as many times as needed to set up the schedule of how and when the automated messages will be sent.

4. To begin the process of adding a template from the template library to your automation, select the pencil icon to the right of the step you wish to add the template.

5. This will open the email editor. Please review your sender details and once everything looks good, select edit email.

6. To create a base email template structure, drag and drop the layout blocks to the email template.

7. Click on the layout block to further customize your email.

In the right-hand settings panel, you can:

  • Choose different Column layouts,

  • Update the Background color,

  • Update the Background content color,

  • Add a Background image,

  • and update the Responsive design options: Choose how your email template is viewed on different devices.

8. Choose a content block to drag and drop into your email template

Simple content blocks include:

  • Columns block

  • Button block

  • Divider block

  • Text block – Personalize your email content and include merge tags such as first name, loyalty points, VIP tier, and unique referral program link.

  • Image block – Add campaign images or product images to your email content. You can also add effects to your images, e.g. text overlay from the block settings.

Advanced (or dynamic) content blocks include:

  • Store Logo block – Auto-add your store's logo from your email settings

  • Social Icons – Auto-add your store's social media links from your email settings.

  • Product block – Showcase a specific product from your store to your email content.

  • Video block – Add a video URL to embed a hosted video in your email content

  • Shop Now (eCommerce only) – Link your customers directly to the home page of your online store.

  • Product recommendations block – Increase order value with recommended products for each customer based on their previous purchases and other customers just like them.

⚠️ Important: The Discount Block is unable to be used for the email template designs. This block is required to be customized within the email template in the Campaign creation process.

9. Click Save

10. Send a test email (optional). If you want to preview your email campaign before you send it, simply:

  • Click Send preview

  • Enter your email address or mobile number

  • Click OK

⚠️ Important: The Advanced content blocks are all considered 'dynamic content'. Dynamic content like discounts and product recommendations will not be displayed in test emails. Campaign previews are designed to review the design and proofread the content. If you would like to test the full customer experience, you can follow these instructions. This will send a test of your campaign to your email address or mobile number.

11. Click Save & Return. This will automatically save your automation template to your automation library so it will be ready for you to use on your next email custom email automation.


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