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Using the drag-and-drop editor when creating emails
Using the drag-and-drop editor when creating emails

Marsello's drag-and-drop email editor puts you in control of customizing email campaigns and automation.

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Editing the email's styles

1. In your Marsello app admin, go to Marketing > Campaigns> Email and click Create campaign

2. While your new campaign is open, select the body block to adjust the width and the alignment of the email's content. Additionally, it allows you to update the default background color, font, and link styling options for content added to the template. Content already included or added to the template will not change.

โš ๏ธ Important: Images should not be larger than 600px wide.


Editing the email's layout

1. With your campaign template layout open, select an existing block in the preview or click and drag a new layout from the sidebar's Blocks tab.


Edit the email's content

1. Add content to your email template by dragging and dropping content blocks from the sidebar menu into your email template.

2. To modify existing content, double-click into the existing content block and use the menu options to help guide you through the edits.

๐Ÿ“ Note: Any layout block that doesn't contain actual content will result in a blank space in your final email. this can be useful for creating space around an image or button.

3. Add personalization to any text blocks for a more customized feel. Double-click into a text block to open a second editor which will allow you to customize your font style, size, and color and add merge tags for further personalization.


Preview and test your email campaign

Take a sneak peek at what your customers will see when they receive your campaign before sending it.

1. From the campaign you are working on, select the Preview option at the bottom left-hand side of the editor and select the desired desktop or mobile view tab.

2. Go one step further and send yourself a test email. To access the Send Preview button, scroll to the top of your campaign.

3. Enter the email address where you will be testing the email and click Send Preview.


Send or schedule your campaign

1. Once your campaign is ready to send, select save & continue to settings

2. Next, you will be prompted to complete the sender settings form before editing. Here you will be able to set:

  • the campaign's internal subject line

  • the campaign's customer-facing subject line

  • your sender name

  • your email address

  • opt-in to boost the campaign (this feature will resend the campaign to only those customers who haven't opened within the first 48 hours of sending)

  • set UTM tracking parameters

  • set your audience settings

3. Confirm all of the campaigns settings that you previously entered look correct and select save & continue to review

4. Reconfirm the sending settings under the Ready to Send form. Make any edits as necessary.

4. Once your campaign is ready to go, select schedule or send

5. A popup form will appear where you can schedule your campaign for later or send now.

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