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Setup checklist for email automations
Setup checklist for email automations

We've put together this quick checklist to help make sure your automated emails take off successfully.

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Create automated email flows to send the right message to the right customer at the right time. Use these pre-set best-practice email flows to drive sales and give you time to focus on running your store.


Customize email automations

Easily add your store's branding to your automation by uploading your store's logo and social media links during setup. Your updates will automatically be added to all of your email templates.


Add a Discount incentive

Incentivize customers to shop again with a unique discount code. In your email template builder, drag and drop the discount block into the email and customize the discount settings – it's just like creating a loyalty reward.

In the same email automation, you can choose to add the current discount to subsequent emails to remind your customers to redeem it on their next purchase. Or you can create an entirely new discount for the following email.

There's no need to create discount codes manually in your eCommerce platform. Discounts are automatically generated when the email is sent to the customer. All discount codes are unique and only work once.

Currently, four email Automations include pre-built discounts. These discounts have been designed from what we know works to increase sales. The default discounts are:


Personalized product recommendations

Add a product recommendation block to your automation to pull through three products the customer is most likely to purchase next based on their order history.

Currently, three automation include product recommendation block:


Sender settings

Your sender settings are used for all Marsello emails. When customers receive reward program emails and automated emails, they will see your sender name in their inbox.

📝Note: We recommend setting up a custom domain in addition to updating your sender name in Marsello. A custom domain will allow you to receive responses from customers if they reply to one of your automated emails.

Your physical store address & store URL are automatically added to the bottom of every email template and are pulled from your eCommerce account settings.


Enable Automations

When the Automation is turned on, emails will start sending to customers who meet the automation's trigger, including those who currently meet the criteria. The trigger defaults for the automation are:


Monitor the performance

Use Marsello's analytics to track how the automation is performing - the customers that have entered the flow, the email results (sent, open, click rates), and most importantly, how many $ in additional sales made.

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