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Set up your Win Back Lapsed Customers Automation
Set up your Win Back Lapsed Customers Automation

Setup an email automation to win back those customers who haven't been to your store in a while.

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Before you get started

Some key details to note about the Win Back Lapsed Customers Automation:

  • The Win Back Lapsed Customers Automation is prebuilt in your Marsello app admin and contains the following steps:

    • The automation is triggered when it has been 60 days since a customer placed their last order and has not returned.

    • The first email in the Automation will prompt customers to return by recommending products from your store

    • If the first email does not result in a purchase, a second email is sent after a delay of 7 days with an incentive of 15% off coupon code

    • A third email will follow after 7 days letting the customer know their coupon will expire in 2 days

    • The automation will then finish and the customer will not receive any more emails. Please note that the automation will also stop if a customer responds to an email and completes their purchase.


How to open the Win Back Lapsed Customers Automation for editing

1. In your Marsello app admin, go to Marketing > Automations. Select the Win Back Lapsed Customers Automation and click Edit.


Adding emails, SMS, delays, and/or points to your automation

Encourage customers to use their thank you coupon by adding delays and emails to the flow and increasing the chance of another sale.

1. For Automations not currently enabled, please select edit and move on to step 2.

For Automations currently enabled, click the edit button to the right of the Automation's name in the Automation menu. This will trigger a pop-up asking you to disable the automation to edit if currently enabled. Click Yes, disable and edit.


2. Click the ⨁ icon to insert an email, SMS, delay, or add points into your flow


3. Select Email, SMS, Points, or Delay to add it to your flow


πŸ’‘Important: Make sure that you put a delay between emails in the flow otherwise, customers will only receive the first email due to the safe-sending period of 2 hours between receiving emails


Modify trigger, delay, and email templates

Here you can adjust the blocks and ordering of your automation.
Monitor flow performance, and continue to make improvements to get the best results!

In addition to adding new emails and delays, you can:

  • Edit trigger settings

  • Adjust, clone, or delete delays

  • Edit, clone, or delete email templates


The Trigger dictates when the automation is initiated.

1. Click the settings icon to update the trigger settings


2. Set the order count that the first email will be triggered by


3. Click Save Changes

πŸ“ Note: In order for this automation to send to first-time customers, it should trigger when the order count equals 1.


A Delay is the period of time between when one email sends and the next email in the flow will send.

1. Click the pencil icon to update the Delay settings


2. Select how much time to wait before the next email in the flow will send


3. Click Save changes

4. Click Clone step if you need to repeat a delay in the automation flow


5. Click delete if you want to delete the step


Email templates

Email templates create the content and messaging of the actual emails that are sent to your customer.

To edit the content of your email templates, click the three horizontal lines to edit the email content

  • Click clone step to clone the email and add it as the next step in the flow

  • Click the delete to delete the email template


πŸ“– Learn more: Here are some helpful guides with tips on customizing your emails.

Remove the discount from the email settings

1. Click the pencil icon for the email you need to edit


2. At the top right of the page, click Edit Email.


3. At the top of the page, before the email content, click Remove next to the View reporting button


4. Click Yes, remove discount to confirm that you want to delete this discount from the email template


The discount will then be removed from the email template.

Update the Email Discount

1. At the top of the page, before the email content, click the red button to set the discount settings


2. Select the type of discount you'd like to create


3. Enter the discount's details:

  • Title – the name of your discount (what the customer sees)

  • Discount amount – the discount amount that you want to offer


4. Click Advanced Options to add extra conditions of use to your discount (optional)
Discount applies to – the entire order, selected products, or selected collections
Discount expiry – how many days the discount code is valid for once sent
Requires a minimum purchase – enter the minimum spend amount required to redeem
Terms – Add any terms you'd like your customers to abide by when using their discount code.


5. Click Create

Your discount will be added to your email template, ready for the customer to receive.

Edit the Claim Code button

1. Click on the Discount content block in your email template


2. In the Content column on the right, under the General section you can adjust the following settings:

  • Container Padding – how much empty space is around the button
    Clicking More Options allows you to adjust padding for each side individually.

  • Text size –the button text size

  • Text Color – the color of the button text linking to the product

  • Button Text – edit the button text

  • Background Color – the color of the button linking to the product

Remove the discount content block from the email template if no discount to be offered

1. Click on the Discount content block

2. Click the trash can icon below the discount content block


The discount content block will then be removed from the email template.

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