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Add a Product Recommendation block to your email template
Add a Product Recommendation block to your email template

Encourage customers to shop by recommending personalized products that they're likely to purchase.

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Before you get started:

Some details to note about the Product Recommendation block:

  • The Product Recommendation block is a content block that will feature personalized recommended products based on their previous purchases.

  • Your store must have 40 customers with at least one order each and a minimum of 3 products that are in stock for product recommendations to populate. Only products that are in stock will be displayed in the product recommendation block. When there are not enough orders for the algorithm, customers will be shown your most purchased products.

How the product recommendation block selects products for recommendation

Product recommendations are based on a clever algorithm that splits product titles into tags. It uses the customer’s purchase history and then recommends products with similar tags and/or attributes that the customer is most likely to purchase next.

Automations with a built-in Product Recommendation block

The following pre-built Automations include the Product Recommendations content block by default:


Add a Product Recommendation content block to your email template

📝 Note: For the purposes of this guide, an email Automation is used for illustrative purposes. You can use follow the same steps to add merge tags to a Campaign.

1. In your Marsello admin go to Marketing > Automations and click edit on the email flow that you would like to customize.


⚠️ Important: You need to disable the automation before you can make any edits. This will prevent customers from entering or receiving further steps until the automation is enabled again.

2. Click the edit icon to edit an email template.


3. In the email content builder on the right-hand side, click the Product Recommendations content block to drag and drop it in the desired position within your email template.


Your product recommendations content placeholder will now show in the email template.


Edit the Product Recommendations content block settings

1. Click on the Product Recommendations content block in your email template.


2. In the General column on the right, you can adjust the following settings:

  • Container Padding – how much empty space is around the block
    Clicking More Options allows you to adjust padding for each side individually.

  • Button Text – the text that will be displayed on the button linking to the product in your store

  • Button Color – the color of the button linking to the product in your store

⚠️ Important: You cannot specify products displayed in the Product Recommendation content block – Marsello's algorithm will automatically personalize products for individual customers

How It Works - Your Customers' Experience

When your customer receives an email, the products will be relevant to their shopping history.

For example, a customer is set to receive an Automated Email Flow after their first purchase and they receive this email with your "Top Sellers" since their purchase history is limited:


Here's how it works when sending the same email to multiple customers after they have made multiple purchases:

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