Add a Video content block to your email template

Embedding videos in emails is great way to engage customers and entice them to shop again.

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A video content block will embed a hosted video URL within your email content and deliver it to every customer within that audience, segment, or group. This content block can easily be dragged and dropped into any email campaign or automation template.


Add a Video content block to your email template

πŸ“ Note: An email Campaign is used in this help center guide for illustrative purposes. You can use follow the same steps to add merge tags to an Automation.

1. In your Marsello admin, go to Marketing > Marketing campaigns> Email campaign and click Create Campaign to begin editing your campaign template.

2. Complete the campaign settings form then click on the Edit email button on the right-hand side of the page.

3. In the email content builder on the right-hand side, select the Video content block to drag and drop it into the position you want within your email template.

4. Click into your freshly placed container block and select Add Content

5. Then from the email template content builder on the right-hand side. Click the Image content block and drag and drop it into your email template.

Your video content placeholder will now show in the email template.

πŸ“ Note: Your videos will need to be hosted before you can add this content block to your emails.


Edit the Video content block settings

1. Click on the Video content block in your email template.


2. In the General column on the right, you can add the URL link to the video that you would like to include.

3. In the Content column on the right, you can adjust Container Padding. This indicates how much empty space is around the block. Clicking More Options allows you to adjust padding for each side individually.

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