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Customize email templates and content blocks
Add a Social Media Links block to your email template
Add a Social Media Links block to your email template

Share your store's social media pages to build your community and boost customer loyalty via the Social Media Links content block.

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Marsello's social media links block allows you to add direct links to your social media business pages (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) within your email automation and campaigns.

πŸ“ Note: For the purposes of this guide, an Automation will be used to illustrate the steps.


Add the Social Media Icons content block to your email template

1. In your Marsello admin, go to Marketing > Automations

2. Click into the Automation that you would like to customize and select edit automation.

πŸ“ Note: This will to disable the automation before you can make any edits. (This will prevent customers from entering or receiving further steps until the automation is enabled again.)

3. In the email content builder on the right-hand side, click Social Media Icons content block to drag-and-drop it in the position you want within your email template.


Your Social Media Icons will now show on your email template preview


Edit the Social Media Icons content block settings:

Customize the display settings of your Social Media Icons content block.

1. Click on the Social Media Icons content block that you placed within your email template.


2. Select each Social Media Icon that you would like to include within your email. For each icon that you select, you will need to add your unique social media links.


πŸ“ Note: make sure that all links are correct (it's best to check this with a test email). Incomplete links can result in the block not displaying.

Additional edits:

In the Icons section on the right, you can also adjust the following settings:

  • Icon Type – the shape of each Social Media Icon displayed. You can choose from Circle, Round, and Square icon types and also choose to remove the color from these icons with the 'black' variation.

  • Alignment – align your Social Media Icons content block to the left, center, or right of your email to suit the rest of your email content and design.

  • Icon Spacing – customize the spacing between each Social Media Icon within the content block.

  • Container Padding – how much empty space is around the content block. Clicking More Options allows you to adjust padding for each side individually.

πŸ’‘Tip: We recommend adding no more than 5 social media icons. Choose the social media pages for your store that you want to grow.


How it works – Your customers’ experience:

When the customer receives the email, they will be able to see the Social Media Icons Block where it was added to your email content. Your customers can then easily click through to those linked social media pages.

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