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Translate your campaigns and automated flows
Translate your campaigns and automated flows

Translate the text in your email flows to your preferred language.

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How to translate your emails and automated flow text

1. In your Marsello app admin, go to Marketing > Campaigns > Email or Marketing > Automations, depending on the email you are looking to edit.

πŸ“ Note: For the purposes of this guide, we will use an automation example for translation.

2. Click the title Edit button to the right of the automation you wish to translate and select Edit automation.

⚠️Important: You need to disable this automation before you can make any edits. (This will prevent customers from entering or receiving further steps until the automation is enabled again.)

3. Click the edit icon on any email in the flow to begin editing.

Update your email subject line

1. Click on the Subject line text box


2. Translate and customize your email subject line text

3. Click Save


Update your email message text

1. Click Edit Email and then click on the email content to edit the text

2. Translate and customize the email text to your preferred text

πŸ“ Note: Button Links can be edited under the 'Content' Tab

3. Click Save Template

4. Repeat these steps to translate the remaining email templates in the flow.

πŸ’‘Tip: To preview your loyalty program emails, simply click the Send Preview button

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