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Track the performance of your Automation
Track the performance of your Automation

Gain valuable insights into how your automated email flows and specific emails in the flows are performing.

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Monitor your Automation analytics

πŸ“ Note: For the purposes of this guide, we will use the Recover Abandoned Cart automation as an example.

1. In your app admin, go to Marketing > Automation and double-click on the flow you would like to review analytics for.

2. At the top of the preview page, you can see the flow insights

Here you can see:

  • The total revenue generated by this automation, and how many sales are attributed

  • The number of customers that have entered

  • The number of customers currently in the flow

  • The number of customers that have exited the automation

πŸ“ Note: A customer will exit an automation if they make a purchase during the flow, complete the flow or unsubscribe.


View detailed Automation reports

1. On the Automation preview page, scroll down to a specific email and click Reporting.

πŸ’‘Tip: Above the detailed email reporting link, you can see a quick preview of how many times this email has been sent, opened, and clicked.

In the detailed reporting, you can see:

  • Sent, opened, and clicked metrics

    • How many times the email has been sent and engaged with'

    • Click on the number to see the specific customer details.

  • Total revenue generated

    • The number of orders that have been attributed to this email, and the total revenue generated from those orders.

  • Open rate

    • The % of delivered emails that have been opened by customers. This is a measure of how appealing your emails are and how likely customers are to open them.

  • Click rate

    • The % of clicks per unique open. This is a measure of how enticing your email content is and how likely customers are to click on links and call-to-actions within your email.

πŸ’‘Pro Tip: The email reports provide valuable insight on how your customers respond to the content of your Automation. Be sure to check them regularly and modify your emails to get the best results!


How sales are attributed to an Automation

When a customer has opened and/or clicked an automated email from Marsello, then makes a purchase within 10 days, that sale is attributed to the automation and will be represented in the automation's revenue.

πŸ“Note: In the instance where a merchant has multiple marketing tactics active at the same time, for example, a customer receives an SMS campaign, then opens an email, and then makes a purchase, the last touch point is noted for attribution.

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