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Translate your loyalty program widget and emails
Translate your loyalty program widget and emails
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How to translate the text in your loyalty widget and loyalty email notifications to your preferred language.


How to translate your loyalty widget

You can translate the text on all 8 pages of your loyalty widget.

1. In your Marsello app admin, go to Loyalty > Loyalty Widget

2. Under Widget, click Customize Text/Translation to open the dropdown


3. Click Go to text editor > to open the customization page


4. Next to Customize text for: click Rewards tab to open the drop-down


5. Select the widget page you want to translate


6. Translate the text boxes to your preferred language


7. Click Save and Publish

8. Repeat these steps, selecting each page, to translate the remaining widget pages

💡 Quick Tips:

  • Include the default merge tags and links to ensure your program works as it should.

  • Keep your text short and simple to read

  • Add your brand's personality to the widget pages

  • Personalize your text to your members by using merge tags

  • Highlight different parts of your loyalty program using basic HTML formatting

Your loyalty widget will automatically update with your translation changes.


How to translate your loyalty program email templates

1. In your Marsello app admin, go to Email Notifications

2. Click Edit Template on the email that you would like to customize


Update your email subject line

1. Simply click on the Email Subject text box


2. Translate and customize your email subject line text


3. Click Save Template

💡 Quick Tip: 33% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line alone. Use merge tags to make your email subject line relevant and personalized using your member data and loyalty activity.

Update your email message text

1. Click on the email content to edit the text


2. Translate and customize the email text to your preferred text


3. Click Save Changes


4. Repeat these steps to translate the remaining loyalty program email templates

💡Tip: To preview your loyalty program emails, simply click the Send Preview button


How to translate your points collected email merge tags

By default, your Earned Points email notification will use the merge tag ##{{points_given_reason}} to automatically fill in what reason a member has earned points for.

1. To translate the following points given reasons, go to Customize "points given" reasons.

  • Making a purchase

  • Creating an account

  • Completing a profile

  • On a member's birthday

  • Leaving a product review

  • Referring a friend

  • Liking on Facebook

  • Following on Twitter

  • Following on Instagram

  • Sharing on Facebook

  • Sharing on Twitter

  • Manually adding points

2. Click Save

The ##{{points_given_reason}} merge tag will then automatically pull your translated reasons into your Points Collected Emails.

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