Connect Heartland POS to Marsello

Step-by-step guide to connect Marsello and Heartland POS

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For Heartland POS Merchants

By integrating your loyalty program with your Heartland point-of-sale platform, you can capture data on customer purchases, preferences, and behavior. This enables you to foster customer relationships and pinpoint valuable opportunities for targeted marketing to grow sales.

How to Connect Heartland POS

You can connect Heartland POS to Marsello in one of two ways: during the sign-up process or from the POS & eCommerce page within the Marsello admin.

  • During Signup process

1. Click on Heartland POS and click Connect

  • From the POS & integrations page

1 Click Connect sales platform

2. Next to Heartland POS, click Connect

3. After clicking connect from either method, you will asked to authorize the connection between Marsello and Heartland POS. Click Authorize Application.

πŸ“ Note: You will be prompted to log in to your Heartland POS account if you are not already logged in.

4. This will form the connection between Heartland POS and Marsello. Your orders and customers will now begin to sync through to your Marsello account πŸŽ‰

Heartland POS will now display in your Marsello app admin under the Integrations page; including any eCommerce sites listed on your account.

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