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Tagging customers in Marsello
Tagging customers in Marsello

Tags are labels you create to organize and manage customers. You can manually tag individual or group of customers to create custom segments

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How to tag an individual customer in Marsello

1. In your Marsello admin, navigate to Customers > All Customers and search for the customer by name or email address

2. Under the details section select the edit link. This will open a pop-up where you can manually add a tag to the customer's account.

3. Under Custom tags, click into the text box and enter your desired Tag Name

4. Click Save. The customer's profile will automatically be tagged with your custom tag and will be displayed under the customer's details.


How to tag a group of customers in Marsello

In order to bulk tag a group of customers, you will need to use Marsello's Import Points feature.

πŸ“ Note: Following these steps will not duplicate any customers' account, and will not add points to the customer. It will match the customer's unique identifier and then add a custom tag to their profile.

Prepare your .CSV file for import

To ensure that your customer list is successfully imported into Marsello, it is important to update your CSV file format following the below steps:
1. Open your CSV as a spreadsheet.

2. Delete all columns except the following:

  • First Name (values are required)

  • Last Name

  • Email Address (values are required)

  • Mobile

⚠️ Important: The customer's first name and email address are required. If these values are missing, the CSV file cannot be imported into Marsello.

3. Update your column heading text to be the following:

  • First Name Column β†’ Firstname

  • Last Name Column β†’ Lastname

  • Email Address Column β†’ Email

  • Mobile Number Column β†’ Mobile

πŸ“ Note: For email and mobile, be sure to only import valid email addresses and mobile numbers. When entering mobile numbers, please include the customer's country code with no additional characters. Example: +14165550000. If you don't have the customer's mobile number, leave this blank.

πŸ’‘Quick Tip: To save a file as a .CSV, in the spreadsheet tool, this can often be found under Export to or Download as in the settings menu.

Import your data into Marsello

4. A pop-up will appear which requires you to select the identifier that you have for each customer, select the unique identifier that you're using to update the tag:

5. Select how you want the points to be added:

  • Add imported points to customers' points balance

    • If you have your points column set as 0's, no points will be added.

  • Replace customers' current points balances with the imported points balance

    • If you have your points column set as 0's, all customers will have their points reset to 0.

6. Add the custom tag that you wish to include on the customer's profile and for segment purposes:

πŸ’‘ Quick Tip: Marsello always automatically includes a tag to all imports with the date and time of the import unless you change the text in the box.

7. Click Upload CSV

8. Drag-and-drop your data file into the importer.

9. Select the file from your computer and click open

10. Select your header row and click next

11. Map your columns and click next

12. Verify the data you are importing.

πŸ“ Note: This is to ensure your customer's details are populated in the correct field in their Marsello profile i.e. the customer's first name is populated in the 'Firstname' field.

13. Review your CSV File. Click the toggle Only show rows with problems to see the customer row(s) that may not be able to be imported into Marsello.
Common reasons include:

  • The row is blank and doesn't include any details

  • The first name doesn't start with a letter or includes special characters e.g. #$^&

  • The email must contain a valid email address

  • The mobile must start with a + or numbers e.g. +6127123123 or 027123123

  • The CSV file contains over 100,000 customers (100,000 is the maximum number of customers who can be imported at one time)

14. Fix any rows with problems (you can do this within the table in-app)

15. Click Submit to start importing your CSV file. You will then need to click upload CSV File on the popup that appears after clicking submit to import into Marsello.


How to use customer tag(s) to create a custom segment

1. In your Marsello admin, navigate to Customers > Segments and click Create Segment

2. Name your custom segment

3. Click the First Name drop-down to add your first segment condition

4. In the Select Condition drop-down, select Custom Tags

5. Next to the Custom Tags field, select is as the operator

6. Then, select your custom tag

7. [OPTIONAL]: Click Add Condition to add another condition to your segment

  • You can add as many conditions as you'd like.

  • Choose between AND/OR to determine whether the conditions need to include both sets of data or just one.

8. Click Preview Segment to see a sample of the customers who meet your segment conditions

πŸ“ Note: Only customers who have accepted marketing will populate into your custom segments.

9. Click Save and Create Segment

Your segment will then be created and added to your Segments. It will also appear as an option when choosing your audience for Email or SMS Campaigns as well as in Automated Emails/SMS messages.

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