Add a discount block to your email template

Encourage customers to shop again by adding a unique discount code to your campaigns and automated flows.

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Add a discount block to your email template

๐Ÿ“ Note: An email Campaign is used in this help center guide for illustrative purposes. You can use follow the same steps to add merge tags to an Automation.

1. In your Marsello admin, go to Marketing > Campaigns> Email and click Create Campaign to begin editing your campaign template.

2. Complete the campaign settings form then click on the Edit email button on the right-hand side of the page.

3. In the email content builder on the right-hand side, select the Discount block to drag and drop it into the position you want within your email template.

4. Click into your freshly placed container block and select Add Content

5. Once you are in the email template content builder, on the right-hand side, click the discount content block and drag and drop it into your email template.

Your discount block button will now be displayed in your email template.

๐Ÿ’กQuick tip: Add a statement about your discount above the discount block to let your customers know what the discount is and get them excited to claim it. E.g. "Exclusive 10% Off. Just for you."

3. Click on the discount content block


4. In the Content column on the right, under the General section you can adjust the following settings:

  • Container Padding - how much empty space is around the button. (Clicking "More Options" allows you to adjust padding for each side individually.)

  • Text size - the button text size

  • Text color - the color of the button text linking to the product

  • Button text - edit the button text

  • Background color - the color of the button linking to the product


Edit the discount settings

1. Click on the discount content block in your email template. This will open a secondary editor. Select Click here to set the discount settings in the top right corner of the page.

2. Add the details of your discount:
Marsello will automatically create the discount in your POS and/or eCommerce platform after the customer has opened the email.

โš ๏ธImportant: The types of rewards that you can create depend on the POS and/or eCommerce that you have connected.

3. Select the type of discount you'd like to create

4. Enter the discount's details:

  • Title- the name of your discount

  • Discount amount - the discount amount that you want to offer


5. Click Advanced options to add extra conditions of use to your discount (optional)

  • Discount applies to - the entire order, selected products, or selected collections

  • Discount expiry - how many days the discount code is valid for once the customer has received the email

  • Requires a minimum purchase - select and enter the subtotal amount you want the customer to spend to be able to use the discount code

  • Terms - add any terms you'd like your customers to abide by when using their discount code


6. Click Create. Your discount will be added to your email template, ready for the customer to receive.

โš ๏ธImportant: Marsello's pre-build Automations come wtih a pre-set discount block. If you want to change one of the default discount codes in an automated email flow, you will first need to remove the discount from all email templates before adding a new one.

Marsello's prebuilt automations include:

How it works - your customers' experience

When the customer receives the email, they will be able to see your claim code/discount button on your email. Your customers can then easily click through to claim their unique discount code to use on their next purchase.

Once the customer has received the email, the expiry period on the discount will begin.


๐Ÿ“ Note: The customer's unique code will also automatically save to your POS integration (if connected). This will allow customers to use their discount code in-store or online.

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