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Add a blanket promo (discount) code to your social posts
Add a blanket promo (discount) code to your social posts

Entice customers to come back and complete their purchase by offering a discount code in their social media posts.

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๐Ÿ“Note: Before you can add a promo code to your social posts, you will need to create one in your POS or eCommerce integration first.


Create a blanket promo (discount) code in Shopify

1. In your Shopify app admin, go to Discounts > Create Discount

2. Select the type of discount code you wish to create from the popup.


3. Complete the discount creation form to add in any terms and conditions for your discount code (for example, product-specific rules, minimum spend requirements or any limits to how many times the coupon may be used.) Click save.


Create a blanket promo (discount) code in BigCommerce

1. In your BigCommerce app admin, go to Marketing โ€บ Promotions and select + New automatic promotion.

2. Add in a promotion name (this information will not be made public to customers).

3. Select a currency and pick Product Discount from the Choose a Promotion Type drop-down menu and select one of the four options. In this example, we are creating a Buy one get something else free discount.


4. Select a quantity that a shopper has to purchase before the discount triggers and specify the products by clicking this product (none selected).


The (or more) checkbox next to the first quantity box will limit the number of times the discount will trigger to one.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: If you want to incentivize shoppers to purchase large quantities, try using Bulk Pricing or a Bulk/Tiered Promotion. Variant bulk pricing can also be managed through price lists.

5. A pop-up will appear with a list of your categories. Select a category to see the products listed in it or search by product name/SKU. Here you can select a base product (which includes all variants) or a specific variant. Do the same thing for the free product they will receive.


6. Select the other limits you want to apply for the discount, such as duration, usage, or if specific customers can only use it. Check the box to Activate the discount, then Save.


7. If your discount makes use of banners, set them up accordingly in the Promotion Options section.


Add your blanket promo (discount) code to your social post

1. In your Marsello app admin, go to Social > Posts > Create Post (or select the post you will be editing).

2. Add your discount code to your post's message under Post Message


๐Ÿ“Note: You can click preview to see how the social post will look.

3.Once your posts is ready to go, click Publish Now.

๐Ÿ“ Note: Customers will need to manually apply the discount code to their order at checkout as it will not automatically apply.

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