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Scheduling your social media posts
Scheduling your social media posts

Marsello's post builder is an easy and effective way to communicate with your customers.

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Choose your social profile

1. In your Marsello app admin, go to Marketing > Social media > Planner

2. Choose the social profile you want to schedule at the top of the Planner

πŸ’‘Tip: Click the check mark (βœ“) on the social profiles to select multiple social profiles to publish to at once.


Choose your media

1. From your social editor, drag and drop the media where you will publish your post onto the Planner.

πŸ“ Note: You can select one image or video and drag it across.


Add your caption

1. Add a caption for your social post

πŸ’‘ Tip: If you are posting frequently use Marsello's saved caption and hashtag suggestion features to help save post-creation time. If your media has a media note, this will be pulled into the caption automatically.


πŸ“ Note: If you are scheduling this post for multiple profiles, select customize posts once you have written your caption. Then scroll through each post to customize.


Customize and publish your post

1. Post customization will allow you to do the following across all social platforms

  • add a generic discount code or a social tag to your post

  • adjust your publishing time

  • add filters and crops to images by clicking Edit Image

  • trim and crop video by clicking Edit Video

  • add links (Instagram & TikTok only)

  • choose your publishing method (Instagram & TikTok only)

Customizations for Instagram posts include:

  • Tag locations and users

  • Schedule a First Comment

  • Choose a video thumbnail (for Auto Publish posts)

2. Once you have completed your customizations, select when you would like to post and click schedule.


πŸ’‘Quick Tip about Posting:

  • Facebook posts will go live at their scheduled time.

  • Posts set to Auto Publish (available to Instagram business profiles and TikTok Business Accounts only) will be automatically published at their scheduled time, or you can publish manually through notification publishing if you prefer.

  • Instagram personal and creator profiles and TikTok Personal Accounts must use notification publishing. See how to publish posts using notification publishing

If you want to edit your post any time before publishing, click the post on the calendar to reopen the post builder.


Track the performance of your social post

1. To gain insights on how your social posts are performing, go to Marketing > Social > Posts

2. Click on the post you would like to view the insights for to open the preview page

3. At the top of the page, you will see the post's insights, you will see:

  • The total revenue generated by this social post (if using a discount code), and how many sales are attributed

  • The number of customers that have entered

  • The number of customers currently in the flow

  • The number of customers that have exited the flow

πŸ“ Note: When a customer has viewed/or interacted with a social post from Marsello, then makes a purchase within 10 days, that sale is attributed to the social post and will be represented in the posts' revenue.

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