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Getting Started with Marsello Social
Getting Started with Marsello Social
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Here are the ways you can get started with Marsello social. These will be the key features outlined so you can start planning and posting social with Marsello.

Connect your social profiles

You can connect Instagram, Facebook and TikTok account to Marsello.

πŸ“Note: After posting a Tiktok video, to finish sending you will need to open the TikTok app on mobile. Then you click 'inbox' in the footer, select the message saying your video is ready and complete the TikTok post.


Upload your content (photos and videos)

Marsello's media library is where you can store, upload, and manage all your media, so it is easy to access for you.

1. To upload media to your media library, click the upload media box.

2. Drag and drop any files or choose a local file.


3. Upload media and click Add.

πŸ“ Note: Media will be uploaded with file size, type of file, and uploaded date. You can also upload media by clicking add product images or add stock images in blue boxes. If your file is not one of the accepted file types, you can convert it using this free conversion tool. For more information on our Image and Video Guidelines, click here.


Schedule your posts

Schedule your multi-photo posts through Marsello. Here is how to schedule a multi-photo post from the web.

1. In your Marsello app admin, go to social and select the profile you wish to schedule your multi-photo post from.

2. From your Side Library, select the checkmark on the media items for your post


3. Drag the media items to your planner to open the post builder.

4. Add a caption for your post and adjust the scheduled date and time if needed:
​Optional Edits:

  • Click Edit Image or Edit Video under individual media to edit it

  • Click Change Media to change the media order or add/remove media

  • For Instagram posts add a link and select your publishing method

  • For Auto Publish Instagram posts, add a First Comment, Location, or Tag People and select your publishing method

5. Click save


How to publish your posts

1. From your Marsello app admin, go to Planner and select your Instagram profile

2. Go to the Side library to drag and drop the image/video you wish to schedule onto the calendar.



. Write a caption or add a saved caption.

4. Additional optional edits include:

  • click Edit Image or Edit Video under the individual media to edit it

  • click change Media to add/remove media

  • add a link

  • add a first comment, location, or tag people

  • click save

5. Select Post immediately or Post at a specific date and time

πŸ“ Note: you can change the scheduled date and time if needed


Detailed reporting

1. To gain insights into how your social posts are performing, go to Acquire > Social > Posts.

2. Click on the post you would like to view the insights for to open the preview page

3. At the top of the page, you will see the post's insights
Here you will see:

  • The total revenue generated by this social post (if using a discount code), and how many sales have been tracked

  • The number of customers that have entered

  • The number of customers currently in the flow

  • The number of customers that have exited the flow

πŸ“ Note: When a customer has purchased a product tagged in a social post from Marsello and/or made an order using a promo code associated with a social post within the tracked time frame, that sale is included in the social post's tracking and will be represented in the posts' revenue.

NEW-Marsello-Help-Center-Divider__2_.png page

Create your own for your Instagram page. A is a mini-website built into your Instagram profile. This is where you can edit your profile, add buttons and link Instagram and TikTok posts to build your own landing page. You can then decide where those links lead, so you can drive traffic to your most relevant products and pages.

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