Social sales tracking common questions

Track orders that include a product/collection/promo code that's purchased wtihin a specific timeframe.

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Keeping it simple, Marsello is making social media marketing smarter. We are showing impact of a social media post on their in-store and online sales through social sales tracking. Social sales tracking is any order that includes a product/collection/promo code that’s purchased within the specified timeframe.


Before you get started

Here are some key details about how social sales tracking works:

  • Social sales tracking includes orders placed within the sales tracking window, it is based on the product, collection, or promotion included in the order within the sales tracking window.

  • Post engagement is not considered for sales tracking.

📝 Note: This is the most direct we can get sales tracking, Social media platform APIs, don’t allow ANY company to pull back individual data, only totals. So we are the smartest social media management tool on the market.


How do I add sales tracking to a social post?

1. From your Marsello app admin, go to Marketing > Social media > Posts and click on the post you wish to tag for sales tracking.

2. Click Track Sales

3. Under the Shopify Products (or Shopify Collections) drop-down menu, select the products (or collections) you wish to tag.

4. Click Save


How does the sales tracking align with the different tagging options?

Any order that includes a product tagged or a product in a specific collection (regardless of being tagged separately or together) will be counted towards your sales tracking statistics.


What is the recommended sales tracking window for social posts?

The recommended and default sales tracking window for Social Posts is 24 hours, however, this can be customized.

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