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Marsello Insights common questions
Marsello Insights common questions

Frequently asked questions around insights and ROI.

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Keep track of your loyalty and marketing metrics.

RFM Segments

Q. How are the RFM segment categories defined?

A. RFM segment categories are defined:

  • New customers would have made their first order recently

  • Promising customers would have ordered recently and more than once

  • Loyal customers would have ordered recently, and often

  • Best customers ordered recently, often, and spent the most

  • At-risk customers would have missed a purchase cycle

  • Lost would have missed two purchase cycles.

Q. How are RFM Segments Organized?

A. If you were to look at the RFM block, you’ll see columns. These columns are organized by the purchase cycle. If a customer misses a purchase cycle, they will be placed in the at-risk category. If the customer misses two purchase cycles, they are placed in the lost category. The purchase cycle is store-specific and can be viewed under insights > revenue and customers.

Q. What is the average purchase cycle?

A. The average number of days between a customer making one purchase and then their next purchase.

Q. Should custom segments pull through orders from before installing? for example, the last order date is before _____ (a date before they installed), or is that info only used for RFM segments?

A. RFM is powered by a historic sync where custom segments are from the date of installation

Q. How often does the RFM segment grid re-sync?

A. The RFM segment grid resyncs once per day.

Q. I've not set my Marsello account active yet and it looks to be generating revenue under the RFM segments? Is this expected?

A. The numbers in your Marsello RFM segments prior to switching the account to active aren't representative of revenue. These figures are the Average Customer Lifetime Value for the total number of customers within the segment. These numbers are captured from the sales data existing in their Integrations. When Marsello is connected, the customer database and order history are synced which makes up these numbers.

Q. Is there any way to remove specific customers in revenue insights? (An example of this would be wholesale customers who are skewing the revenue insights.)

A. Currently, there isn't a way to exclude specific customers from the revenue insights. Insights are built by an external service that works across all of our merchants. Altering or adjusting the service will impact all merchants.

Q. Can I customize the information included in the RFM segments?

A. The rules preset for the RFM segments cannot be edited. However, you are welcome to create your custom segments based on the number of customer orders, total dollars spent, etc.

Customer Insights

Q. Is there a place on the insights report where we can view where new customers were added: for example, in-store vs. online?

A. Although there isn't a way to view how customers were added in customer insights, this breakdown is available under the multi-site reporting.

Q. Is there any way to import engagement metrics from other third-party marketing tools?

A. Currently, there isn't a way to import engagement metrics from other third-party marketing tools. However, if this is a feature you're interested in, please reach out to our support team and let them know of your interest 😊

Q. Does the average purchase value factor discounts on the Revenue & Customers Insights tab?

A. The average purchase value takes the value of the order after any discounts, so the actual revenue is produced by the order.

Q. On the Revenue & Customers Insights page, is the average purchase value factoring discounts?

A. The average purchase value takes the value of the order after any discounts, so the actual revenue produced by the order.

Attribution Insights

Q. Is Marsello ROI calculated excluding the amount paid for SMS, but including SMS-generated revenue?

A. Yes, for SMS, Marsello ROI is calculated by excluding the amount paid for SMS but including SMS-generated revenue.

Q. If the customer receives two emails in a week and then goes in-store and makes a purchase. Would the sale from that order be split into the revenue for both campaigns or go to the latest one?

A. It goes to the latest attribution event. In this case, it would be the last email they received.

Q. Is it possible to run monthly reports on the total points earned by customers, points converted to rewards but not redeemed, and points converted to rewards then redeemed?

A. The best way to get this info would be from the Insights > Loyalty & Feedback dashboard. From here, edit the time frame to monthly > Loyalty points earned, Reward redemption, and Reward redemption rate. From these insights, you will be able to calculate points redeemed vs. points not redeemed.

Q. Does the 10-day attribution window only work if the customer has opened and clicked an email or SMS or just opened it? What happens if the customer opens an email and then places an order in-store?

A. The 10-day attribution window works whether the email or SMS was opened or opened and clicked and a purchase is made within 10 days of opening.

Multi-site reporting

Q. In the multi-site reporting, the new customers' field is defined as New Customers: Total customers who placed their first order, at each site. Does this mean a customer could potentially be counted twice if they shop at different locations?

A. No, each new customer is only represented once in the insights dashboard. This is because Marsello uses the customer's email as the unique identifier and for insight purposes notes the first time this email appears in the Marsello database

Q. In Insight Multi-Site Reporting, does 'new customers' new sign-ups or new first-time purchasers?


The new customers column reflects first-time purchasers.

General Insight Questions

Q. Are Marsello insights considered to be the last touch?

A. Yes, all Marsello attribution insights use Last Touch attribution. Last touch is a marketing attribution model that gives conversion credit to the final interaction/last touch point that occurred before the sale happened." Marsello attribution looks at those orders that meet the attribution requirement at the 10-day mark (open or click into a campaign.

The last touch aspect comes into play if the merchant has multiple marketing tactics

active at the same time - for example, let's say a customer receives an SMS campaign, then opens the email, and then makes the purchase.

  • SMS campaign has ‘influenced that order’ so will show in the ‘total revenue for that feature’. But it was not the last touch point the customer had before they ordered.

  • Email campaign has ‘influenced that order’ so will show in the ‘total revenue for that feature’ AND was the last touch point.

Q. Is it possible to download insight reporting as a whole not individually?

A. Currently, reports are only available to download on an individual basis. However, if this is a feature you're interested in, please reach out to our support team and let them know of your interest 😊.

In the meantime, as a workaround, you could take a full-page screen capture to capture the reporting.

Q. Is it possible to get a report showing my sales since launching Marsello loyalty and the total discounts given in dollars?

A. It is recommended to run the sales report directly from your integration. With respect to the total number of discounts given in dollars, our support team will be able to help you with this request. Please reach out to the team to request a copy of the coupon redemption report along with the dates you are interested in reviewing.

Q. I've noticed that my campaign open rate is 10% but the click rate is 18%. How is it possible to have a higher click rate than open rate?

A. Yes, it is possible. This insight indicates that out of the 10% of customers who opened the campaign, 18% of them clicked a link in it.

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