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Marsello API: Common questions
Marsello API: Common questions

Marsello's API provides an accessible way to extract and share data from Marsello features with your brand.

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This help center guide contains the most frequently asked questions around Marsello's API.

API integrations available

Q. Is it possible to integrate with Clover through the API.

A. Yes, it is possible to integrate with Clover as the API has read/write capability.

API and loyalty

Q. Is there an identifier through the Marsello API (or elsewhere) that captures a customer's VIP status when logged in? I'd like to feature how many points a customer earns for each product on the product pages online. Note, my VIP customers earn points at different rates so I am looking for a way to identify when VIP customers are logged in to ensure the points displayed reflect their VIP status.

A. Yes, this can be acheieved by pulling through customer information from customers > get a customer by ID > tier name. The "order" earn activity on the customer also displays the earning rate for the customer.

Q. Is it possible to use the API to identify situations where points have been redeemed but not actually applied?

A. Currently, it isn't possible to use the API to identify situations where loyalty points have been redeemed by not applied. The API is geared more towards creating custom earn and redemption options. It is also designed to surface Marsello's loyalty program on unintegrated sales platforms or to embed it onto the sales platform's UI.

Q. Is the Marsello API able to host a loyalty widget within an app that I have built for my store?

A. Yes, the Marsello API will allow you to build Marsello features into your app including loyalty features. You can create your own loyalty profile page using the earn and reward options.

Q. Are there any analytic reports available for the API?

A. Currently, there isn't a feature that will segment reporting around the API. However, new customers, order details, and customer account activity will sync across to Marsello and appear in the overall analytic reporting.

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