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Bopple integration common questions
Bopple integration common questions
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The Bopple integration allows you to reward customers online when placing an order. This guide contains answers to frequently asked questions about Bopple.


Q. Is it possible to connect Bopple to Marsello without a Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) integration?

A. Currently an integration with Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) is required in order to connect Bopple to Marsello.

Q. Does the Bopple x Lightspeed have a separate app that can be installed from Playstore? What happens if Bopple is disconnected from Marsello, will the customer encounter an error on this app when they try to view loyalty points?

A. Bopple merchants have the ability to create a downloadable white-labeled app for their customers to order & view loyalty points. However, the loyalty points field is populated by Marsello. If Bopple and Marsello aren't connected, the customer's points won't populate in the app.

Q. I am integrated with both Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) and Bopple. However, I'm no longer wanting to use loyalty in-store. If I disable my O-Series site, will the Bopple/Marsello integration still work?

A. It is recommended to keep both your Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) and Bopple sites enabled in Marsello. This is because Bopple relies on the Lightspeed integration to read menus and uses the Lightspeed products. If Lightspeed is disabled, this would impact segmentation.

Q. Can Bopple merchants add more than one Bopple account to Marsello?

A. Merchants may add only one Bopple account to their Marsello account. However, the Bopple account added may have multiple sub-venues or sites connected to it.

Q. I've moved to a new Bopple site, should I use my old Bopple credentials?

A. Please continue to use your original Bopple credentials.

Q. Does Bopple create a new customer account in Marsello when the customer signs up?

A. Bopple will only create a loyalty account in Marsello if the customer has a verified customer account.

Loyalty Settings

Earning Points

Q. If a customer places an order for delivery on Bopple which is connected with Doordash, will they be able to collect points using Marsello?

A. If a customer places an order through Bopple, they will receive loyalty points regardless of a connection to a delivery service for collection/drop-offs.

Q. What earn options are available for customers through my Bopple White-label app?

A. Currently, customers can earn points via the create an account, completing their profile and making a purchase earn options on White-label.

Loyalty Rewards

Q. What type of rewards does Bopple support?

A. Bopple supports all loyalty reward types. They use Lightspeed O-Series product ID to be able to support the product and collection rewards.

Q. Is a free product reward available in Bopple?

A. Yes, free product rewards are available in Bopple. Please note that free product rewards use the O-Series Product ID.

Q. Is there a way to make a reward only available ‘in store’ and not online, in this case not on Bopple?

A. Currently, there isn't a feature available to make a reward available in-store only. if this is a feature you are interested in, pleaser reach out to our support team and let them know.


Q. Is it possible to track clicks through from the website and then through to Bopple? Are we able to see how many sales are converted from EDMs sent?

A. Marsello’s email reporting shows

  • Individuals who clicked the list

  • Tally of clicks – how many clicked through to the website for example.

Marsello does capture how many clicks are converted into sales. Using the customer, order, order total, integration, and site tab details, you'll be able to identify the number of customers who received the email made a purchase and know where they made that purchase

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