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Universal Widget POS Common Questions

Frequently asked questions around the Universal Widget POS.

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For Toniq & Windows-based POS merchants
Universal POS Connector

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If you'd like to join the beta, please contact our support team.

Reward customers when they sign up and shop in-store. This guide contains answers to frequently asked questions for Toniq and Windows-based POS merchants.

Loyalty Program

Q. Is it possible to set up a loyalty widget without an eCommerce site?

A. For merchants with the POS-only widget or those without an eCommerce site connected, the loyalty widget will need to be hosted on a separate page hosted by Marsello.

Q. Besides loyalty notifications how can customers get more visibility on their loyalty to earn/rewards?

A. From within your Marsello app admin, go to the loyalty design page and click the button to view the widget in a separate tab. This will provide you with what the customers see in the POS-only widget.

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