Shopify Theme extension: Product Recommendations

How to connect the Marsello Product Recommendation extension to your Shopify 2.0 theme.

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For Shopify Stores

β€‹πŸ“ Note: This is only available for Shopify's 2.0 online store themes. You may need to update your online store's theme to be able to access this feature.


How to add the new Marsello Product Recommendations block

1. In Shopify, under Online Store, go to the Themes page.

2. Click Customize, in the left-hand navigation, then click Add Section.

3. Under Theme Sections, scroll to APPS and click Marsello | Product Recommendations to add the block to your online store. You can then move and position the block to where you would like it to be displayed.


Updating the Product Recommendations block

Once you have added the Product Recommendations block, you can customize the Heading and write a short description to introduce the product recommendations block to your customers. You have the option to select the first product that is recommended to your customers. This will automatically pull a list of your store's available products for you to choose from.


πŸ’‘Tip: if your store has a brand new product that you would like to showcase to your customers, you are able to add the product front-and-center.


Marsello's product recommendations engine will power the rest! Marsello will automatically pull through personalized products for each logged-in customer, displaying products that they are most likely to purchase next. For visitors or customers who are not logged in, your store's most popular products will be displayed.


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