Switch from Mailchimp to Marsello for Shopify

Migrating from Mailchimp to Marsello is easy. Install Marsello from the Shopify App Store and complete this checklist to get set up.

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Connect Marsello to your Shopify account

Install Marsello from the Marsello Shopify App store listing by clicking Add App.

Your Shopify customer data will start syncing to your new Marsello account. It can take up to 30 minutes for all of your Shopify customers to import the first time. Your customer data will be kept up-to-date, automatically adding new customers and order data.

At this stage, your Marsello account is ready to go. You can start setting up and customizing automated emails using our best-practice designs and settings. Or create a Campaign to send to your list of customers syncing directly from Shopify.

If you have additional marketing subscribers who are in your Mailchimp list and not in Shopify or you want to move your email templates over from Mailchimp, the steps below will walk you through the process.

Migrate your Mailchimp customers to Marsello (optional)

Why is this step optional?

Once you've connected Shopify and Marsello, your customer data will automatically import into Marsello and be kept up-to-date. If you have additional marketing subscribers who are in your Mailchimp list and not in Shopify, you can import these:

1. In your Mailchimp account, in the left navigation, go to Audience > All Contacts > Export Audience

2. When your export is ready, click Export to CSV

πŸ“ Note: If you'd like to transfer a specific list to Marsello:

  • Go to your Mailchimp lists

  • Click the Name of your chosen list

  • Click Export Audience

  • When your export is ready, click Export to CSV

Mailchimp exports your customers as a .zip file. There will be two CSV exports: subscribed_members_export and unsubscribed_members_export.

3. Open your subscribed_members_export.CSV export file

4. Edit your CSV. export format, ready for the Marsello CSV importer. Make the following changes:

  • Delete all columns except for the following columns:

    • Email Address

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Points Balance

  • Update the column header text to be:

    • First Name β†’ Firstname

    • Last Name β†’ Lastname

    • Email Address β†’ Email

    • Points Balance β†’ Points (If you don't have a points column, please add a 'Points' column and enter 0 in each cell for all customers)

  • Ensure the columns are in this order:

    • Firstname

    • Lastname

    • Email

    • Points

5. Save your changes as a CSV. file, with a name that's easy to find e.g. Customers_for_marsello_april19.

6. In your Marsello admin, go to Customers > All Customers > Update Customer List and from the drop-down menu select Import Customers.

7. In the pop-up:

  • Add a custom tag to the profile of each customer being imported

    • This tag will make it easy to segment your customers for targeted marketing

  • Check the box if you wish to give 'Account Creation' points to new customers

  • Click Upload CSV

8. Choose to either Upload data from file or copy and paste your data into the columns:

⚠️ Important: By importing customers you are confirming that they all accept marketing. Please remove any customers who don’t accept marketing from your CSV before importing.

9. Once you're ready to submit, click Continue.

10. When the file has been uploaded or the data has been copied and pasted, the importer tool will highlight any errors to be corrected or removed prior to import.

πŸ“ Note: This can take up to 24 hours to complete, depending on your customer database size.

Import your Mailchimp templates (optional)

Why is this step optional?

Marsello has pre-designed best-practice templates ready to go under Automation. If you want to move your Mailchimp templates over, we recommend recreating your emails in Marsello to ensure they are mobile-optimized, responsive, have the right merge tags, and are easy to edit and iterate on going forward. Marsello's drag-and-drop email template builder makes it easy! If you need a hand, talk to us via the chat icon.

However, if you want to quickly export the HTML from your Mailchimp email template, you can upload this into Marsello (see instructions below).

This process involves editing and updating the HTML of the email template. If you don't have experience editing please contact us through the chat icon.

1. In your Mailchimp account, go to Campaigns

2. Under the List View, identify the template that you would like to use in Marsello. Then, on the right-hand side of the template block, click the drop-down menu and Export as HTML

3. Then, in the pop-up, click Export Template to confirm

4. In your Downloads folder on your computer, open the .HTML file of your template. This should open on a browser page.

5. Right-click on the page, then select View Page Source

This will open the HTML code of your Mailchimp email template.

6. Copy all of the HTML code on this page. You can do this by using the keyboard shortcuts:

  • Command + A then Command + C (for Mac)

  • Control + A then Control + C (for Windows).

7. In your Marsello admin, go to Campaigns (or the Automation Email you want to update).

8. Click Create New Campaign and proceed to the Design section.

9. Delete any unwanted content blocks in the email template by clicking on the block and then clicking the trash can icon.

10. In the Email Builder, drag in the HTML Email Block

11. Click into the HTML block where it says 'Hello, world!'. This will display the HTML Settings on the right-hand side.

12. In the HTML Settings, delete the default text <strong>Hello, world!</strong>

13. Paste in your Mailchimp template HTML Code that you copied from step 6 into the HTML Settings block

This will then populate your email preview with your Mailchimp email template.

14. Make some minor changes to your email template code. You'll need to remove the Mailchimp template email footer and update any merge tags to be Marsello merge tags.

*|UNSUB|* β†’ {% unsubscribe %}
*|FNAME|* β†’ ##{{customer_first_name}}
*|LNAME|* β†’ ##{{customer_last_name}}
*|LIST:COMPANY|* β†’ Remove tag from email content
*|EMAIL|* β†’ Remove tag from email content
*|UPDATE_PROFILE|* β†’ Remove tag from email content
*|MC:SUBJECT|* β†’ This is the subject line of the email, which is set when you set up a new Campaign in Marsello.
*|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* β†’ This is the subject line of the email, which is set when you set up a new Campaign in Marsello.

15. Click Save & Exit to save your HTML settings.

This will save your template as a draft email campaign that you can then duplicate and use to create new email campaigns.

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