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Customize email templates and content blocks
Personalize your email marketing with merge tags
Personalize your email marketing with merge tags

Add merge tags to your email marketing to personalize your email content for each and every customer.

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Before you get started:

Some details to note about merge tags before using them in Marsello:

  • Marsello comes with a set of merge tags prebuilt into the email editor.

  • These merge tags are available for use in both email Campaigns and Automations

Merge Tags Available in Marsello

  • Business Mailing Address

  • Coupon Terms of Conditions

  • Customer's First Name

  • Customer's Last Name

  • Customer's Points Balance

  • Customer's Referral Link

  • Points Label

  • Store Name

  • Store URL

  • Unsubscribe Link

  • View Email in Browser Link

  • VIP Tier


How to add merge tags to your email template

πŸ“ Note: For the purposes of this guide, an email Campaign is used for illustrative purposes. You can use follow the same steps to add merge tags to an Automation.

1. In your Marsello admin go to Marketing > Campaigns > Email and click Create Campaign.

2. In the email template, double-click on the text block that you wish to add the merge tag. This will open up a second email editor.

3. In the text formatting tool, click Merge Tags


4. Click the merge tag option that you would like to add


Your merge tag placeholder will now show in your email template.


5. Click the Save button to save any changes to your email template


Customize your merge tag to match your brand style

You can customize the text style to match your brand. You can update the font, font color, font size, alignment, and more.


⚠️ Important: Please ensure you have selected the entire merge tag before customizing the style. Selecting part of the merge tag only could cause the merge tag to break at the time of sending.


How it works – Your customers' experience

When the customer receives the email, they will be able to see your email personalization, such as their first name.

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