Add a countdown timer to your email template

Encourage excitement around an upcoming sale with a countdown timer block.

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Add a timer block to your email template

πŸ“ Note: For the purposes of this guide, an email Campaign is used for illustrative purposes. You can use follow the same steps to add merge tags to an Automation.

1. From your Marsello admin, go to Marketing > Campaigns > Email and click Create Campaign to begin editing your campaign template.

2. Where needed, drag and drop in a larger container block to host your image block.


3. Click into your container block and select Add Content


4. Then, from the email template content builder on the right-hand side. Click the Timer content block and drag and drop it into your email template.


Your Timer block placeholder will now be displayed in your email template.


5. Click on the Timer content block, this will open up the timer block editor on the right-hand side of your screen. Here you will be able to make display edits as well as set the end date for your timer based on your current time zone.


6. Once you have completed your updates, click save.


How it works: Your customers' experience

Campaigns and automation containing a timer block will send like any other campaign and automation. Once the customer receives and opens the email, they will see a live running countdown timer encouraging them to come back in store.

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