Suggested Text for Loyalty Widget

Text suggestions for use with the Marsello loyalty widget.

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Before you get started

Here is some recommended reading before adding the suggested text in this guide to your loyalty widget:

Rewards Tab Suggested Text

Header Text:

<strong>Hello ##{{first_name}}, you have ##{{points_balance}} ##{{points_label}}</strong>

Rewards tab label:


Earn tab label:

How To Earn

View discount button text:

View My Code

Redeem button text:


Terms label:


Points to claim label:

to claim

Points to unlock:

to unlock

Discount code label:

Discount code

Which looks like this:


View coupon page

Instructions text:

⚠️ COPY this code and PASTE it at checkout ⚠️

Discount code label:

Discount Code

Email text label:

Copy & Paste the above code!

Which looks like this:


Complete Profile page

Instructions text:

All fields are required. When entering a mobile number, please include your country code (+1). This looks like +1 416 555 0123

Birthdate label:

Your Birthday DD/MM/YYYY

Which looks like this:


Claim Referral Page

Header text:

##{{first_name}} ##{{last_name}} wants you to join the <a href="http://##{{domain}}" target="_blank" style="text-decoration:underline"><span class="color-theme">##{{store_name}}</span></a> loyalty program and get <strong>##{{referred_bonus_reward}}</strong>

Save button text:

Send my discount!

Which looks like this:

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