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How to create exclusive VIP tier rewards
How to create exclusive VIP tier rewards
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Tier-exclusive rewards are a great way to incentivize customers to come back in-store.
Adding tier-exclusive rewards to your VIP Program can help encourage customers to come back again. They are also a great incentive for customers to move up VIP Tiers.

πŸ“ Note: Any rewards that you've created so far, will automatically be added to your base tier. You can edit the advanced settings of the reward to specify the VIP tier.

How to create a VIP exclusive loyalty reward

πŸ“ Note: To create a VIP exclusive reward, you first need to have created VIP Tiers.

1. In the Marsello admin, go to Loyalty > VIP program

2. Click on the loyalty tier tab you want to add the reward to


3. Click Add reward to Tier


4. Select the Type of Reward from the drop-down


5. Add the details of your reward

  • Reward Title: Give your reward a title that tells the VIP customers to know what their reward discount is and how many points they need to spend to claim it

  • Discount amount: Enter the discount amount

  • Points cost: Set the number of points the VIP customer needs to spend to claim the reward


6. Click Show advanced options


7. Click Assign reward to a VIP tier


8. Add any other advanced reward settings to your reward (optional)

9. Click Create
Your reward will now show on the VIP Tier page & on the Rewards page of your loyalty widget ready for your VIP customers to claim.
Repeat the above steps to add more exclusive rewards to your VIP tier.

πŸ“ Note: VIP tier rewards are tier-inclusive by default.

This means customers will have access to the rewards in their current tier and the tiers below them.


To disable this setting to make the rewards tier exclusive, you will need to disable this setting in your Marsello app admin.

To do this, go to Settings > Loyalty > Loyalty settings > scroll down to Store details and toggle the on/off button under VIP Program Reward Structure to OFF.

How it works – Your customers' experience

  • Base tier customers

Customers that are on the lowest tier, will be able to see your VIP tier reward(s) motivating them to earn more points to be able to unlock those exclusive rewards.

  • VIP tier(s) customers

Customers on the higher VIP tier(s) will be able to see and use their points to claim and redeem, your exclusive VIP tier rewards both online (via the loyalty widget) or in-store (at POS). In addition, customers on the higher VIP tiers will also have the ability to claim and redeem those rewards for the lower tier(s).

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