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Create a VIP Program (Beta)
Create a VIP Program (Beta)

A VIP Program is an effective way to track your best customers and incentivize them to come back through exclusive rewards and tier expiry.

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Create a VIP Program Brands that resonate with customers, new and lifelong like Starbucks, Sephora, and Country Road.

👾 This feature is currently in Beta – please let our support team know if you have any feedback.


Steps to launch your VIP Program

1. Set your VIP Program's global settings: Confirm how customers enter tiers, exist tiers and the rewards they can access.

2. Create your VIP tier(s): Create the individual VIP tiers and set the made a purchase points earning rule.

3. Create your VIP tier entry automations: Send a congratulations message to customers when they achieve a higher tier status.

4. Review your VIP Program: Most important step. Ensure that you are happy with your settings and individual tiers.

5. Activate your VIP Program

⚠️ Important: When your VIP Program is enabled, all customers will be assigned to their appropriate tier. Once activated you cannot edit your VIP Program settings as easily.

Set your VIP Global Settings

1. In the Marsello admin, go to Loyalty > VIP program

🆕 If you haven’t created a VIP program, a walk-through pop-up will help guide you through the below steps.

⚙️ If you have an existing VIP program, please click Manage Settings, and then follow the below steps.

Achieving tiers:

Here you can choose how customers enter VIP tiers

  • Points earned: You can base your VIP tiers off the amount of points your customers are earning through your loyalty program. Customers will be assigned using Points collected field.

  • Amount spent: Choose to base your VIP Tiers off the amount your customers have spent with your business. Customers will be assigned using Total spent field.

2. Click the Achievement type drop-down to select either Points earned or Amount spent to set your entry criteria.

VIP Tier expiry (Optional)

Here you can choose if customers can keep their tier status, or if they must maintain their status.

  • Customer Lifetime (Default): Customers will remain in their tier, with no expiry or end date.

    • Customers can progress up tiers if they meet the next tiers’ entry requirements.

  • Calendar Year: Once a tier is achieved, customers will retain the tier for the remainder of the current calendar year and the following year. Customer tiers will be re-calculated at the start of each year on January 1st. Customers must maintain the entry requirement of their tier every year to keep that tier status.

    • Customers can progress up tiers if they meet the next tiers’ entry requirements.

    • Customers can remain in the current tier if they meet the current tier’s entry requirement

    • OR Customers can be demoted down a tier if they don’t meet the current tier’s entry requirement.

3. To enable tier expiry, select Customers can expire out of tiers.

Reward Availability (Optional)

Here you can choose what loyalty rewards customers can access at their tier levels.

  • Only their current tier (Default): Customers can only claim & redeem rewards from their current VIP tier.
    E.g. If the customer is on the ‘Silver’ tier, they can only access the ‘Silver’ tier’s rewards.

  • Current tier and below: Customers can only claim & redeem rewards from their current VIP tier and any lower tiers.
    E.g. If the customer is on the Silver tier, they can access the ‘Silver’ tier’s rewards & the ‘Bronze’ tier’s rewards.

4. To enable customers to redeem all rewards they have unlocked, select Customers can redeem rewards in their current tier and below.

5. Click Save changes.

Create your individual VIP tier(s)

The 'Member' tier is your base tier, all customers are automatically on your base tier.

You can create multiple tiers, three to five tiers usually work best for most businesses. You can customize each tier's entry requirement and earning point rate.

💡 Quick tip: Creating multiple tiers can help convince new customers to join your program, but more importantly it can help keep your existing customers engaged over time.

1. If you are setting up your VIP Program for the first time, click next within the pop-up to create your first tier. If you already have an existing VIP Program, click Add Tier

2. Name your VIP tier

💡Quick tip: This is a great opportunity to create tier names that are an extension of your brand, get creative or use a standard tier progression for example, Bronze, Silver, Gold. This Tier name is visible to customers on your loyalty widget and email automation.

3. Set your entry requirement

  • For points based program: Enter how many points the customer much earn to enter the tier.

  • For spend based program: Enter how much the customer must have spent to enter the tier.

📝 Note: If you have VIP Tier Expiry enabled, the customer must maintain this entry requirement every year to remain at this tier status.

4. Set the earning rule (Optional):

Choose how many points customers earn for making a purchase on this VIP tier. By default this will be set to match the ‘Making a purchase’ earn option rule.

💡Quick tip: This can be a great way to reward your VIP customers, and also a great incentive for base-tier customers to try move up to a higher tier.

6. Click Save
Your VIP tier will be added to your VIP Program. Repeat these step to create as many tiers as you desire for your VIP Program.

💡 Quick Tip: Create VIP tier rewards to incentivize customers to shop again and move up the VIP tiers. Learn more.

Create your VIP tier entry automation (optional)

When customer(s) meet the entry criteria of a higher VIP tier, you can automatically notify them to celebrate their new status by email or SMS.

1. In the Marsello admin, go to Marketing > Automations. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the Create automation button and select Automation library.

2. In the Automation Library, you can filter by VIP Tiers. Here you can choose to send:

  • Email Automation: Send an email to celebrate when customers move to a higher tier

  • SMS Automation: Send an SMS to celebrate when customers move to a higher tier


3. Click either the Email or SMS automation card to create and customize the automation.

4. Click edit automation to review and/or update the automation steps or edit the email or SMS message.
Here you can:

  • Add new steps; add a conditional split, delay, email, SMS or points

  • Edit existing steps; edit the email message content or SMS message content

5. Click Enable

Once you are happy with your automation, click enable. Customers will then begin to receive your VIP Tier entry automation when they meet the trigger: When a customer enters a tier.


How to turn on your VIP Program

⚠️ Important: Please review your VIP global settings, VIP tier settings and your automations before enabling your VIP Program.

When you are happy and finished customizing your VIP Program,

1. In the Marsello admin, go to Loyalty > VIP program

2. Click Activate, or Enable if you already have an existing VIP Program you have made adjustments to.

This will:

  • Automatically calculate all of your customers into the correct VIP tiers.

  • Display the VIP tiers on your loyalty widget

3. Enable any VIP Tier automations that you've created.

⚠️ Important: When you enable your VIP program, there will be a delay before all customers are placed in the correct tier. Please allow 1 hour per 100,000 customers.

Your customers' experience

When the customer has earned enough points to enter a higher loyalty tier they will automatically be notified by email (if enabled).

The next time they make a purchase in-store or online, they will earn points using the VIP tier's earning points rules e.g. 2 points for every $1 spent.

The customer's VIP status will be displayed on your loyalty widget earn tab. Here they can identify how many points they've ever earned and how many points they can earn with each purchase.


Q: Can I change from spend to point-based tiers at any time?

  • Before you launch your VIP Program: You can update your VIP Program settings as much as you need.

  • After you launch your VIP program: you can update your global VIP Program settings once every 7 days, this is known as the cool-down period. This is due to the re-processing of all customers & tiers. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

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