What are Loyalty Automations?

Keep your customers updated on their loyalty points balance, unlocked rewards, and more by setting automated messages.

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Loyalty automation are a great way to keep customers informed about their loyalty points and available rewards. These emails are also a great way to keep in touch with your customer base and encourage them to come back in-store.

Loyalty automation currently available in Marsello include:

  • Earned points automation

  • Reward unlocked automation

  • Reward discounts automation

  • Referral discount automation

  • Points expiry automation

  • VIP tier entry automation


Types of loyalty automation available in Marsello

Earned Points Automation

Notify customers automatically (either by email or SMS) each time they earn points. When this automation is enabled, customers will receive an email each time they earn points for purchases and complete any earn options set in your loyalty program, for example, social sharing and referring friends. The email will let them know how many points they have just earned and for what action, their current points balance, and how close they are to their next reward.


Reward Unlocked Automation

Automatically notify customers (by email or SMS) once they have earned enough points to spend on a reward. This automation will let customers know which reward they are eligible to use and will allow them to click through the widget to view and redeem the reward with their points.


Reward Discount Automation

Automatically send customers their unique discount code (either by email or SMS) so they can save it for reference later when they are ready to purchase


Referral Discount Email

If you reward for friend referrals, when a customer refers their friend and that friend joins your loyalty program, they get your referred reward. This referred friend bonus encourages them to make their first purchase and sends them their unique coupon code, so they can use it later.


Points Expiry Automation

If you have enabled the points expiry feature, you can automatically notify the customer that their points will soon expire. This email notification is a great way to encourage loyalty program engagement and urgency by reminding customers of their existing points balance before it's gone.


VIP Tier Entry


If you have created a loyalty-tiered loyalty program, when a customer has earned enough points to enter a higher loyalty tier, you can automatically notify that customer by email. This email lets them know what tier they have just entered and how many points they will now earn for every $ they spend.


How to set your enable loyalty automation

1. In your Marsello admin, go to Loyalty > Loyalty Automations.

2. Click on the edit button next to the automation you wish to customize and make any required edits so the automation better suits your brand.

3. This will open the preset automated flow. Click on the pencil icon to edit any of the settings for the preset individual email messages.

4. Click on edit email to customize the preset email text.

5. Once finished click Save and return and then Save and return to come back to the main flow menu.

6. If you'd like to add an additional email, a delay, or even an SMS step into the flow, select the {+} icon in the flow to add the step.

7. Click on the pencil icon as in steps 3-5 to customize this new step.

πŸ“ Note: Adding an SMS step into the flow requires a current subscription to Marsello SMS. Click here to learn more about Marsello's SMS feature.

8. Once you are happy with your updates, click Enable Automation. The automation will begin sending to customers who meet this automation's trigger.


Q. Will customers receive a notification email if Points/Rewards/Tier status is updated manually?
​A. If the customer has been manually moved to Tier or provided a reward, they will not receive notifications as it was done through the admin. For Points adjustment, these are optional.

Q. Can loyalty notifications be sent as automation and an SMS?

A. Yes, loyalty notifications are moving to automation. They will appear in both the automation and notifications for now. These can also be sent as an SMS.

Q. Now that my loyalty automations are enabled, what should I do with my loyalty notification emails?

A. Merchants who signed up before 2023 may see a tab in their Marsello app admin for loyalty notifications. This is here as a reference to the loyalty emails you were previously sending. Please do not enable as this feature is no longer being updated. It is recommended to use loyalty automation instead. Loyalty automation not only provide you with the ability to fully customize the email template, you now have access to loyalty automation reporting.

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