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Customers qualifying to receive Marsello emails
Customers qualifying to receive Marsello emails

Use Marsello to send both transactional loyalty program emails and marketing emails

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Customers who can receive your loyalty program emails

Loyalty program emails are triggered by the customer's behavior, these emails are transactional and do not require the customer to accept email marketing. These emails can be sent to any customer on your customer database.

Using loyalty program notification emails, you can keep your customers up-to-date on their loyalty points and available rewards.
Types of loyalty program notification emails:

  • Earned points email: Automatically notify customers when they earn points.

  • Reward unlocked email: Automatically notifying customers when they have earned enough points to claim a reward.

  • Reward coupon email: When customers claim a reward, automatically send them their unique discount code, so they can easily access it the next time they shop.

If you would like to only send loyalty program notification emails to customers who have accept email marketing, you can update this in your Settings page under Email Marketing and Notifications using the toggle below. This will mean that any of your customers who do not accept marketing will also no longer receive transactional emails.


Customers who can receive your marketing emails

The types of marketing emails you can send using Marsello include:

  • Campaigns: Send one-off emails, like newsletters, promotions, or new stock updates to your entire database, or to a certain customer segment.

  • Automation: Setup automated email flows to send the right message to the right customer at the right time. Start with best practice email flows that are designed to drive sales and give you time to focus on running your store.

  • Holiday Promotions: Marsello takes care of the hard work out of Holiday marketing with pre-built email flows that are ready to send thanks to smart integrations that create optimized recommendations based on your store insights.

πŸ“ Note: If the customer does not accept marketing, they will not receive any marketing emails from Marsello.

How customers can opt-out of Marsello marketing emails

If your customer decides that they no longer want to receive your loyalty program notifications and/or marketing emails, they can click unsubscribe on any email sent via Marsello and update their email preferences.

All emails sent by Marsello include an unsubscribe link within the email. This is represented by the ##{{unsubscribe}} merge tag on the email template. When the customer clicks unsubscribe on a Marsello email, they can update their email preferences to unsubscribe from loyalty program emails and/or email marketing emails.

  • If the customer unsubscribes from loyalty program emails:

    • In Marsello, the customer will be unsubscribed from loyalty program emails and will no longer receive these emails.

  • If the customer unsubscribes from email marketing:

    • In Marsello, the customer's accepts marketing status is updated to No, and they will no longer receive any email marketing sent via Marsello.

    • Marsello does not update the unsubscribe or accepts marketing status of the customer in your POS or eCommerce.

    • Except for Shopify, Marsello will update the customer's profile to does not accept marketing. This is a required by Shopify.


How this works – your customers' experience

If the customer receives an email sent via Marsello, they will be able to see the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

If the customer clicks the unsubscribe link, their Email Preference settings page will open. Here the customer can choose to unsubscribe from your loyalty program and/or marketing emails. Then, click Save Preferences to save their updated unsubscribe settings.


Marsello will no longer send loyalty program emails and/or marketing emails to this customer.


Q. If a customer wants to opt out specifically from the Abandoned cart email only, should they unsubscribe from Loyalty Program Emails or Email Marketing?

A. The Abandoned cart email is considered to be transactional so if a customer were to unsubscribe from loyalty emails, this would stop them from receiving all loyalty emails.

If the customer would like to continue to receive the other transactional loyalty notifications, you could add a conditional split to the beginning of the abandoned cart automation - be sure to use email is not. By adding the conditional split at the start of the flow, will prevent the customer from entering that flow again in the future.

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