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Earn points for Completing their profile
Earn points for Completing their profile

Incentivize customers to complete their profile is an effective way to gather valuable information that will help in your marketing efforts.

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How to set your 'Complete their profile' points reward

1. In your Marsello admin, go to Loyalty > Points Program> Earning > Completing their profile and click edit.

2. Under How many points should be given? Enter the number of loyalty points you would like to reward your members for entering their information.

3. Click Save changes.

4. Back in the main earning points menu, toggle the ON/OFF button for the making a purchase earn option to ON.

How it works – your customers' experience

When your customers log in to their account and visit the Earn tab of your loyalty widget, they will see your 'Complete profile' reward.

They can click on this option to add their additional details. They will be asked to update their Birthdate, Gender, and Mobile number.


πŸ“ Note:

  • All fields are required to be completed in order for the customer to receive the reward points. Once the customer has completed the form and clicked save, the points will be added to their account.

  • If you have your Points Earned automation turned on, your customer will automatically be notified by email. This email will let them know how many loyalty points they have earned, their new loyalty points balance, and how many points away they are from their next reward.

Track the performance of the completing profile option

Once you've set up how many points your members earn for completing their profile, you can track the progress. Here's how:

1. In your Marsello admin, go to Loyalty > Points Promotion > Earning > Completing their profile and click on the drop-down menu to view reporting.

This will open the insight page. Here you can see:

  • Members who completed this action

  • Their gender

  • Their birthday & current age

  • Their mobile number

  • The number of points they've earned

  • The date they completed the action


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