Adding terms to a loyalty reward

Add terms to your rewards to ensure your customers know what to expect and you have control over how the reward is redeemed.

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Terms are an important part of any reward program, as these conditions ensure your customers know what to expect out of a reward they redeem and allows you to have control over exactly what you are offering. Include relevant terms on every reward you create.


Suggestions for Reward Terms

Online only

If you intend for a reward to be used online only, this is an important term to include if you have a physical store as well. If you do not state it, customers will expect to be able to use their reward in-store. This is especially important for the advanced reward types (product/collection specific rewards & spend threshold rewards)

In-store only

If you are running your program in-store, this can be used to encourage customers to shop in-store. However, all rewards are redeemable online, if you have an eCommerce store. This term is simply a handy way to guide people in-store.

Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer

This term isn't always necessary, as customers can only use one discount code at checkout at a time. This is set by Shopify to prevent discount stacking. However, you may wish to use it to ensure you are protected against any pushy customers.

Please add a [free product name] to your cart before applying the coupon code

To be used with free product rewards or a discount on a specific product rewards, where a product has to be added to the cart in order for it to be discounted.

Valid on orders over $X

This can be a handy term to include in spend threshold rewards. Also, be sure to include it in your reward title, e.g. $20 off orders over $100.

Limited-time offer

Incentivize customers to redeem rewards soon by creating urgency with a limited-time offer.

Offer must be used within 1 year of redeeming

Let customers know that there is an expiration on the reward, this will incentivize them to use it soon and also prevent them from being disappointed by it expiring.

Offer only applies to items in the [product category]

When reward discounts only apply to a specific product collection, reiterate this in the terms to minimize confusion when customers redeem it.


Adding terms when you create a loyalty reward

πŸ“ Note: If you haven't already created a reward, check out Types of loyalty rewards you can create

1. In your Marsello admin, go to Loyalty > Points program > Redeeming and click Add Reward and click your reward type


2. Follow the prompts to complete the reward setup.
3. Under Advanced options, scroll down to the Terms field. Enter the terms that you want your members to abide by when using this reward and click Create. Your terms will now be live on your store loyalty widget.

πŸ“ Note: These terms are visible when a customer views a reward, redeems a reward, and is sent in their reward coupon email.

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