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Create a fixed value ($ Off) loyalty reward
Create a fixed value ($ Off) loyalty reward

Create a $ off reward discount to give customers store credit and allow them to choose what they spend it on at your store.

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Reward type is available for all POS & eCommerce integrations.

✨ Fixed value ($) off loyalty reward - A fixed value ($) off discount that is a set amount off the customer's entire order.


Create a fixed value ($ off) store-wide loyalty reward

1. In your Marsello app admin, go to Loyalty > Rewards Program > Rewards and click Add Reward

2. This will open a popup form where you can add the details of your reward. Please complete the following:

  • Coupon type: click Fixed discount amount in the drop-down

  • Reward title: give your reward a title that lets your members know what the reward is

  • Points cost: set the number of points a member needs to spend to redeem your reward

  • Discount amount: enter the reward discount amount. Make sure it matches the discount specified in the title

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: When choosing your points cost amount, it is recommended that you use the '10% of dollar spend' rule, i.e. your reward discount amount is 10% of the spend required to earn this number of points.

Your new reward will now show on the Rewards page of your loyalty program and is ready for your customers to spend points to redeem.


Tips for Success

  • Get creative with your reward titles. Add variety and personality to your reward titles to create customer interest in redeeming rewards.

  • Create three or more rewards to encourage customers to earn more and more points to spend. A rewards ladder gives your customers more flexibility to choose rewards they would like to earn points towards and encourages them to spend more in order to achieve higher point-cost rewards.

  • In-store – Make sure your staff knows what your loyalty rewards are so they can inform customers at checkout. This will encourage your existing customers to be active with the loyalty program, and new customers to join.

  • Find out what rewards your customers like - try creating rewards with different discount types and amounts and measure their success.

  • It’s important to be sure you also include the relevant terms and conditions for rewards. Whether it's to encourage fair use or to protect your store, outlining exactly how and when your rewards can be redeemed ensures that your rewards are used as you intend them to be used.



Q. Do the loyalty points get removed from the customer's points balance when they redeem a reward?

​A. Yes, as soon as a reward is redeemed, the customers' points balance is adjusted, removing the points cost, to prevent them from redeeming rewards they are not entitled to. This protects your store.

Q. Why should I create rewards at different points cost?

​A. A reward ladder entices your customers to earn points to spend on your rewards. It allows them to work towards a reward that is appealing to them and gives them the choice of the reward that they want the most. Loyalty programs with 3-5 rewards see greater success, in terms of customer engagement.

Q, How do customers redeem rewards?

A. These support guides will assist you with reward redemption:

Q. What other types of rewards can I create?

A. You can read more about the 10 types of rewards and how to create them here

Q. How does the reward ladder work?

A. A rewards ladder gives your customers more flexibility to choose which rewards they would like to earn points toward and redeem. Loyalty programs with 3 - 5 rewards show better results than those with 1 reward, i.e. their customers are more engaged with their loyalty programs, their reward redemption statistics are higher, and their customer spending is greater. Read more about how your reward ladder works.

Q. Can customers redeem more than one reward at a time?

​A. Even if a customer has enough points to redeem multiple rewards, they can only use one reward discount code at checkout at a time. This is set by Shopify to prevent discount stacking.

Q. Can a customer redeem their discount code more than once?

A. No, reward discount codes are unique and only available for one-time use.

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