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New navigation – Faster and easier experience when using Marsello.
New navigation – Faster and easier experience when using Marsello.
Updated over a week ago

We're thrilled to launch the new sleek upgrade to your Marsello experience - Introducing our new side-bar navigation!


  • Navigate with ease: Say goodbye to endless clicks or icon hovering. Our sidebar lets you swiftly access key features and sections.

  • Improved organization: Our updated layout better aligns with our users' journeys in Marsello, ensuring easy access to all features.

  • Plus, exciting brand refresh: Marsello branding is flowing through to the admin interface. Bringing a consistent and fresh new look. Notably, call-to-action buttons and banners are updated for a more intuitive experience.

Here's a full list of the changes


  • Collapse Icon: In the top navigation, you can use this feature to collapse the side navigation, giving you more room on your screen to make the changes you need.


  • Insights: Insights is now called 'Analytics'. This section continues to display important business and performance metrics. This name change is the first step towards a larger Marsello AI project, which offers even more insights into your analytics. Watch this space 👀

  • Revenue & Customers: Revenue & Customers is now called 'Business Performance'. Continue to track the performance of your marketing over time, measure key insights like revenue generated, repeat purchase rate, average order value, customer opt-in status.


  • All customers: The customer table still shows at a glance if the customer accepts marketing via email and/or SMS. Previously, this was indicated with a green check mark; please note it is now a grey check mark. If the grey check mark is visible, the customer has opted in to marketing.

  • Responses: Customer feedback and Google review responses have been moved to the Customers section as they have always been linked to customer profiles. This move will make it be faster and easier for you to check the responses left by your customers and access their profiles to learn more about their experiences at your sites.

    • Feedback responses: If you're using the post-purchase feedback survey, you can start measuring customer satisfaction as soon as feedback begins to roll in. This allows you to gauge their purchase experience and identify areas for improvement and success.

    • Google review responses: If you're using Google review request automation, you can start analyzing customer reviews as soon as they are posted and respond. This provides valuable insights into their overall experience and opinions about your business.


  • Points Promotions: Marsello's points promotion feature is now nestled under the Points Program section of your dashboard.

Customer Experience:

  • Customer Experience: All customer interactions with your loyalty and marketing program are now grouped under 'Experience'. Now you can easily brand and understand your customer journey all in one section.

  • Email templates: These templates can be used for both Campaigns and Automations

📝Note: The new sections Personal device and Online are categorized by 'where' the customer will interact with your loyalty & marketing program.

  • Personal Device

    • Feedback request: This is the request that your customer will receive as part of the points earned email asking them for feedback on their purchasing experience.

  • Online

    • Online portal: This is transitioning into a legacy feature, our new Customer Portal experience is launching soon.

Staff Experience:

  • POS Prompts (For Lightspeed X-Series merchants only): POS Prompts has been moved from Settings to Staff Experience. This is what your staff members will interact with during the sales process.


  • Configure your Marsello account: Settings are core to your Marsello journey, are they are now consolidated here. Easily add sales connections, manage sites, connect social profiles. Establish your global loyalty and marketing business rules and accessing billing and adding users is now more straightforward.

  • Email marketing: Email Settings is now called 'Compliance' these settings are the core pieces of information needed for Anti-SPAM laws & regulations.

  • Domains: Sender Domains is now known as 'Domains'. This feature allows you to set-up your business' custom email domain so you can send emails from your own domain (Highly recommended).

  • Integrations: Now lives under settings, Integrations initially are super important to set-up, but once they are set, they'll keep ticking along in the background. However you can add more connections and manage your active sites.

  • Add-ons: Add-ons has undergone a name change and is now called 'Extensions'. These are the apps that you can connect into your Marsello account to help make your tech stack more powerful.

  • Social media profiles: Marsello's social integrations now live under live under settings.

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