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Add Marsello to your Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) POS Menu Screen
Add Marsello to your Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) POS Menu Screen

Allow staff to access customer loyalty and marketing profiles directly from your K-Series POS menu screen.

Updated over a week ago

For Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) Merchants

Formerly known as iKentoo

This integration is currently in Beta 👾

If you're interested in joining the Beta, please let our support team know.

Add Marsello to your Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) POS menu screen walkthrough

  • Video coming soon!

Add a Marsello web extension to K-Series

In your Lightspeed K-Series back-office admin

2. Click Web extensions

3. Click + Add a new web extension


In Marsello admin, under their LSK connection

4. Under Step 2, copy your 'Loyalty URL' by simply clicking the ‘copy’ icon

Back in LSK, new web extension form

5. Under Settings, enter:

  • Name: This can be anything, but needs to be easy for staff members to be recognized e.g. Loyalty Program

  • URL: Paste your Marsello Loyalty URL

  • Select the Provide a Javascript context to the loaded page checkbox

6. Click Save.

Now you’ve created the ability for K-Series & Marsello to communicate. The next step is to add your new loyalty web extension to the POS menu screen for staff to interact with.

Add your web extension to POS

In K-Series back-office admin

2. Click on your current ‘Menu’

3. Next to Main Screens, click ADD

4. Configure your Main Screen button

  • Name: This can be anything but needs to be easy for staff members to be recognized e.g. Loyalty or Check rewards

  • Color: Any color, preferably something that stands out to the staff member

5. Click Save. You should now see your Loyalty Button listed as a menu option.

6. In the Loyalty button options, click Add button

7. Select Web extension

8. Select the Marsello Loyalty extension checkbox

9. Click Add 1 button

10. Click Update & reload devices

This menu will then be updated with your Marsello web extension so staff can easily access customers' loyalty profiles & redeem rewards.

📝 Note: If you have multiple menus, please follow the same process to add loyalty to all your Menu screens.

In your Marsello admin

11. Under K-Series, once you've finished all 3 step-up tasks, click on the check box to indicate you have finished installing Marsello on your K-Series app admin.

This will confirm the URL has been added and close out the task on the Marsello side.

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