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Enable Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) POS sites in Marsello
Enable Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) POS sites in Marsello

Allow customers to earn points and redeem rewards in-store by enabling your loyalty program on Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) POS.

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For Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) POS users

Formerly known as Kounta

Marsello's Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) POS Integration is pre-built into your Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) POS. All you need to do is enable the Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) POS sites within Marsello that you would like to run your loyalty program & marketing through.

How to turn on Marsello on your Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) POS sites

1. In your Marsello admin, go to Settings > Integrations > Sales platforms

2. Select the sites that you want to access in Marsello by clicking the toggle to turn the site ON.

When a site is on, you will then be able to add customers to your loyalty program, automatically reward points for purchases, and redeem loyalty rewards and marketing discounts from that POS site.


Enable Marsello in your Lightspeed Backoffice

1. In your Lightspeed admin, go to Backoffice > Integrations

2. Click on the enable button to complete your connection to Marsello


How it works - The purchase experience

Staff can easily access the customer's loyalty & marketing profile directly within the Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) POS. The only thing required to do is to add the customer to the sale.

1. Add the customer's products that they want to purchase to the sale.

2. Add the customer to the sale by searching for them by name or email address.

3. In the Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) POS customer profile, you'll be able to see the customer's loyalty & marketing profile. Here you can:

  • See the customer's current loyalty points balance

  • Redeem any available loyalty rewards and marketing discounts

4. When the order is complete, the customer will automatically earn points for their purchase.

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